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Nigerian man goes ‘blind’ while attempting 7-day crying challenge for world record


Nigerian man goes ‘blind’ while attempting 7-day crying challenge for world record

In today’s dose of bizarre news from all over the world, a man who forced himself to cry for seven days straight ended up suffering from partial blindness. Yes, you read that. Nigerian man Tembu Ebere tried to cry nonstop for a whole week to break a Guinness World Record (GWR)

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According to the BBC, Ebere lost some of his vision trying to break the record. He suffered with headaches, puffy eyes and a swollen face before going partially blind for 45 minutes. So scary!

“I had to restrategize and reduce my wailing,” Ebere told the news outlet. He also mentioned that he wanted to complete his “feat” even though he had not applied to GWR yet.

Ebere claims to be a comedian on his social media handles. He told his followers about the challenge and asked them to “send their troubles” under the username @237_towncryer on TikTok. “Send me your troubles, I’ll cry for you,” he wrote as per NY Breaking. In the video on TikTok, he sat next to a live timer that showed 2 hours and 7 minutes.

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“Honestly I’ve cried for longer I think,” a user wrote. Another user commented, “Nah, I still hold that record.”

The BBC did not reveal how Tembu Ebere went partially blind. But, the sensation can occur from headaches and a build-up of pressure inside the eye.



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