OPINION: Abia State PDP Congress in Focus (5)

Definitely one may not claim to be an island of knowledge nor the only repository of experience.

The public may be wrong on what is right but most certainly not when a system is on the way to committing political genocide.

In many write-ups whence the heart beats of the general PDP population have been deduced, formal and Informal interviews conducted, one thing that stands out very clear is that the PDP candidates contesting for the seat of the State Chairman are very well known by more than 89% of PDP members.

After all, we are one family and should tell ourselves the unpleasant and naked truth.

It will posit a great danger if we eschew caution, take the knowledge and experience of these outstanding majorities for granted, regarding their findings as one of those early morning gargling of water in our mouths.

The general population have done their evaluations of the candidates and came to a conclusion that Rt. Hon. Emeka Stanley is the preferred of them all and well suited for the assignment. He is a square peg in a square hole

Even though the Nicodemus move by some people to silently screen and confirm a candidate was inconclusive, one can never be sure if we all have the interest of the Party at heart.

Although we gathered that the Congress process was truncated by the absence of INEC due to the threats of COVID-19, it’s quite unfortunate that we are still harassed with headlines like “Rt. Hon. Asiforo Okere emerges as the Chairman of PDP Abia State”

If we may ask; emerging from which Congress?

The one on hold or the one handpicked or the one to come? Have the out come been preempted or determined?

This is a Clair case of putting the horse behind the cart. Hmmmm!

Secondly, on those pages where these messages were posted, can we do ourselves the service of monitoring the feedbacks?

It’s more like the general population have grown thick skin and zero tolerance to such an expensive, ludicrous and laughable jokes of the century.

One result is certain. It’s either the post is sarcastic or that the maker of the post wish to find out if the populace are still as docile and daft as they seem to be.

On the alternative, may be, the maker of the post has been commissioned to feel the pulse of the people and the results of the negative impact of their evil plans.

We can also deduce that some handful of people had already handpicked a candidate that will serve the generality of the PDP family.

What an outright inglorious display of idiosyncrasies?

Where is our democracy?

We thought the power is with the people to make a choice of their leaders and leadership.

Be it as it may, it’s most certain that something is smelling some where due to leakages of evil machinations of those who don’t mean well for our Party.

We will shock you with this revelations ; the general population have never been insensitive nor docile but the leaders have always been and always heaped onto themselves the wrath of the public.

Why can’t we for once learn from our mistakes?

The seats of power we have lost through selfishness, greed, insensitivity, acrimony, vindictiveness , myopic reasonings are enough to cast us back to the drawing board.

If we can deduce from any experience, the losses we have had so far should be fresh in our minds and earn us enough experience to take right decisions most of the time.

Extrapolating the future from what we have learnt, one may think the delay of the PDP congress should be of advantage to all of us not to make this mistake of disparaging the right person to mount this saddle of responsibility.

Rt. Hon. Emeka Stanley is the preferred man with outstanding profile for the position and also the choice of Abia State PDP family.

Any person saying otherwise is an enemy of the family.

We hope PDP Abia State Caucus is not sleeping?

We must think right, we must think ahead.

From Kingsley Agumba

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