Woman surprised as she discovers palliatives are being sold to citizens, shares photo

– A Nigerian woman identified as Inemesit on Facebook has discovered that some traders have been selling some items in the Covid-19 palliative meant to be free for citizens

– Inemesit stated that she just decided to peel off the sticker on the carton of the noodles she bought and then saw the original label

– The shocked woman also mentioned that there might be no warehouse in Akwa Ibom state as palliatives have been sold

A Nigerian woman identified as Inemesit has said that there is most likely no warehouse to loot in Akwa Ibom state, unlike other states, because the palliatives meant to be given to the citizens for free have been sold to traders who now resell to residents.


Woman discovers she bought noodles that should have been free Source: Inemesit Green – Nathaniel / Facebook (photo) Source: Facebook

According to her, the sticker was used to cover the original COVID-19 sticker which indicated that it was not for sale, which meant that it was one of the relief products that should have been distributed to state residents for free.

Here’s what she said: “I don’t really know what took my mind to this pack of indomie in my house, I decided to remove this new sticker from it, lo and behold at the back of it I saw Covid 19, Not for sale. So all this while I have been buying my own right?

So if you are looking for a warehouse in Akwa Ibom, our own palliatives have been sold out to us. HOW HEARTLESS CAN PEOPLE BE?” See post below:

I don't really know what took my mind to this pack of indomie in my house, I decided to remove this new new sticker from…

Posted by Inemesit Green-Nathaniel on Saturday, October 24, 2020


Posts like this definitely generate bitter reactions from people because times have been hard on Nigerians with the unfortunate inception of COVID-19, curfews, and hike in food prices.

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