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NATIONWIDE PROTEST: We Need A Government That Will Liberate Us From Poverty – Abia NLC


NATIONWIDE PROTEST: We Need A Government That Will Liberate Us From Poverty – Abia NLC

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC), Abia state chapter on Wednesday, joined in the nationwide protest against the removal of fuel subsidy by the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu which has caused untold hardship on citizens.

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Speaking at the state government House in Umuahia, the NLC leader noted that the Unions’ grievances borders on salary issues, removal of fuel subsidy, and government’s laissez affair attitude on the suffering of the people.

“This is wickedness in high places. The people are suffering, the people need a government that will liberate them from poverty.

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“The NLC, TUC, CSO’s and other unions are saying to the government, allow the poor breath” he said.

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Addressing the protesters Pastor Caleb Ajagba, the Chief of Staff to the Executive governor of Abia state, Dr Alex Otti, lauded the unionists for their peaceful conduct, noting that their campaign  should be supported by all Nigerians as the contending issues affects everyone.



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“I appreciate you for the peaceful disposition you have shown. You have also made it clear that this peaceful protest is not against the government of Abia state, it’s a national call to duty and every Nigeria alive today does not appreciate this situation all of us have found ourselves in.

It is your lawful duty and inalienable right to protest over what you consider an unjust policy of government. All of us go to the same market to buy, we are all exposed to the inflationary trends in this country, some of these inflationary trends are imported and anytime any country or economy decides to be an import oriented economy, there are consequences “ Ajagba said.


He regretted that Nigeria despite being an oil producing country, still imports oil, adding that Nigeria is facing challenges because it has failed to be a producing country.

“As a country we should be able to rise up and say we have not done very well. Today, nigeria is seen as a very corrupt country and that is why people like Dr Alex Otti came on board to correct the negative perspective that has killed a lot of Nigerians. As long as we remain an importing country, we will continue to live at the mercy of whatever thing that is happening globally.”

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Ajagba assured that governor Otti understands the plight of the people which has made him to strive to pay salaries as at when due. He added that the government is working on proving palliatives for the people to cushion the effect of removal of fuel subsidy.

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