Restrictions on Nigerians Traveling to Dubai; UEA Govt Reveals True Position

United Arab Emirates (UAE) has not placed any travel restrictions on Nigerians, the Embassy in Nigeria has said.

The Embassy said UAE is operating only one general travel rules for all nationalities.

It therefore stated the current restricted travel between the two countries resulted from the lockdown in Nigeria.

In an apparent reaction to reports of purported restrictions in social media, the Embassy urged the general public not to believe all they read on the social media but always seek clarifications with it.

The Embassy said it has very cordial bilateral relations with Nigeria.

It said: “In response to a recent press and social media reports regarding purported travel restrictions between the UAE and Nigeria, and in an affirmation of the growing bilateral relations betwee two friendly countries, the UAE embassy in Abuja denies the accuracy of the information contained in these reports.

“At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, UAE took a number of precautionary measures to combat the virus’ spread, including the temporary suspension on issuing UAE visa for all nationalities as of March 17th 2020.”

The embassy blamed the lockdown in Nigeria for the restricted travels between the two countries

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