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ABIA: Nwankwo Reveals How Abraham Amah Allegedly Sabotaged PDP In Abia North, Amah Disagrees  


ABIA: Nwankwo Reveals How Abraham Amah Allegedly Sabotaged PDP In Abia North, Amah Disagrees



Four months after the 2023 governorship election, Hon. Anthony Nwankwo, a former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman in Arochukwu Local Government Area of Abia State, has fingered Elder Abraham Amah, the party’s state Vice Chairman in Abia North cum the Acting State Publicity Secretary of the PDP, in an alleged misappropriation of party funds and sabotaging of the PDP and 2023 governorship aspirants.


Nwankwo who is a former deputy leader, legislative council Arochukwu LGA, on Thursday, July 20, alleged that Elder Abraham Amah deliberately obstructed all PDP governorship and House of Assembly aspirants from Abia North region to favor his brother.


He also accused Amah of not distributing funds released for agents and polling units and hoarding tags meant for party agents during the elections which he in turn gave to non-party stalwarts.

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In Nwankwo’s words;


“Elder Amah Abraham sabotaged PDP In Abia state; since he resumed office as vice chairman Abia north, he has never called any meeting to push the party forward


“He refused to call the meeting so that Abia North will not present what they want before the election and they used him to sabotage all the guber aspirants that came from Abia north. He bargained for his own brother to become a House of Assembly candidate; he bargained with his brother to run down all House of Assembly aspirants from Abianorth “


“Even the state chairman played the same game, he was a stooge; whatever thing Amah tells him regarding Abia North he will believe it, he has never asked questions.


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“In this last election, Amah Abraham sabotaged PDP in the sense that no agent got a tag from him to officiate at the polling units and he collected the tags from the party office. The agents were pushed out of the polling units because they had no tags for the election especially in Abam. Amah was holding the tags and he didn’t distribute them.




“Amah will kill the party more, PDP should checkmate him very well he is a saboteur.


“The money meant for the governorship election, let them ask Amah where it is. There are money released for agents and polling units, this money is upto N100,000 for each person, but in Abam he released N70,000”.


Responding, Amah on Friday, denied all allegations levelled against him by Nwankwo, maintaining that he creditably discharged all duties assigned to him by the PDP before and during the 2023 elections.

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According to Amah, the party did not release funds to anyone including himself except candidates. He queried how an individual can single handedly sabotage governorship and House of Assembly aspirants as alleged by Nwankwo.


“I did not contest for any position as an individual and in the last election, the party released resources for election to the candidates directly and not to Amah Abraham”.


“Some of these persons are already comfortably residing in the Labour Party; let them enjoy their romance” Amah stated.


He stated further that if any member of the party feels that there is any form of misappropriation, such person is expected to petition the party leadership in the ward, LGA or state level for investigation and prosecution.

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