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The Imperatives Of Political Mentorship, Trust: The Journey Of Pastor Dike Nwankwo, Dr. Alex Otti – By Hillary Onyedi

The Imperatives Of Political Mentorship, Trust: The Journey Of Pastor Dike Nwankwo, Dr. Alex Otti - By Hillary Onyedi


The Imperatives Of Political Mentorship, Trust: The Journey Of Pastor Dike Nwankwo, Dr. Alex Otti – By Hillary Onyedi

Grooming and ‘sending’ politicians play a special role within the infrastructure of power in almost every country in the world. It is a form of managed predestination of individuals who can be counted on to govern in a democracy.

Great leaders are known to invest a great deal in the intellect of those around them, and create opportunities for them to express themselves and impact society. Thus, it can be taken for granted that those typically exposed to such grooming will deliver on the job.

Five-star performance is however one of the two legs a protege needs to advance on the ladder of power and position. The second is relationship. It has been proven time and again that the first is a subset of the second. When performance is tested and the second leg is broken, it takes limping to get ahead. Many do arrive late, faint and fade away along the way.

This is the crux of mentoring in political leadership. Mentoring produces leaders that ensure continuity and maintain the culture and values of the institution because such leaders have not only been taught but also groomed and nurtured. They climb on the shoulders of giants and therefore are far more effective and visionary in administration.

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Mentoring is not to be confused with godfatherism, which is exploitative and destructive in the long run and self-serving. Unlike godfatherism, mentoring is a power free relationship based on mutual respect and value for both mentor and protege. Mentorship is ‘earned’ by reputation and integrity of purpose.

The foregoing may aptly describe the upward career trajectory of Pastor Dike Nwankwo and his relationship with his mentor and Executive Governor of Abia State, Dr Alex Chioma Otti, OFR.

An appropriate starting point in Pastor Nwankwo’s political journey with His Excellency, Dr Alex Otti is his time as a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Abia State in 2020. Dr Alex Otti has just joined the party under whose umbrella he had intended to run for the 2023 Abia State Gubernatorial race.

By what may not be simply fortuitous but divine orchestration, and being a man acutely insightful and penetratingly discerning, Dr Otti was quick to recognize Pastor Dike’s resourcefulness and sagacity in a very short time. He wasted no time to sponsor him to vie for the Party’s State Chairmanship position. From then on, a strong bond was struck between them.


Like they say, things move very fast and the year 2022 saw the pair move their political tent to the Labour Party and almost immediately, Dr Alex Otti appointed him the Director General of his gubernatorial Primaries’ Campaign. Not given to excuses, Pastor Dike Nwankwo worked diligently with other party faithfuls to deliver the ticket to his principal.



Now, with ever-growing confidence in his protege, Dr Otti nominated him to serve concurrently on the Labour Party’s Presidential Campaign Council, PCC, and as Director, Special Duties of his Gubernatorial Campaign Council. Admirably, the man of God, inundated with grace, delivered creditably on each of the tasks and targets.

The processes involved in political power transition especially when it is not an intra-party exercise are often murky and unwieldy and do require the presence of mind of persons who are not only conscientious and savvy, but adroit at dealing with difficult persons and situations.

With respect to the above, as Governor-Elect, Dr Alex Otti once again knows that he has a fit man in Pastor Dike; and pronto, he nominated him in the Hand-Over/Transition Committee for his new administration. Such is the magnitude of the confidence and trust the man enjoys from his principal.

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The reward for hardwork, they say, is more work.

And our Lord Jesus Christ illustrated this much in Scripture in the parable of the talents recorded in Matthew Chapter 25 and verse 29 (NLT):

“To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away.”

Apparently, in keeping with this divine injunction and in appreciation of Pastor Nwankwo’s invaluable contributions to the electoral fortunes of the Labour Party in Abia State, His Excellency Dr Alex Otti, OFR, on June 1, 2023, appointed him his Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties.

Not a few agreed that it was one appointment well deserved.

But while that celebration was yet to die down, the Governor added yet another beautiful feather to Pastor Dike’s ever-shining cap. In addition to his position as SSA, Special Duties to the Governor, he is now the Director General, State Orientation Agency.

In this latest position, Pastor Dike Nwankwo will be in charge of providing public enlightenment on all policies, programmes and activities of the Dr Otti administration and mobilizing favourable public opinion and support for these

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