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Abia School Of Nursing Rated Amongst The Best In Nigeria | READ FULL  

... Institution Counters Negative Narratives


Abia State School Of Nursing Rated Amongst The Best In Nigeria | READ FULL


More commendation has trailed the Abia State School of Nursing Umuahia after their recent colorful nursing capping ceremony that held on the 18th of May 2023 at the School of Nursing Umuahia, Abia State.


The capping ceremony which symbolizes nursing student’s hard work and dedication to their course, practice, and clinicals, saw parents celebrating their wards and students appreciating the school management for the meticulous process they as student went through to qualify for the capping.


Some of the students who spoke with ALL FACTS NEWSPAPER reporter, stated that their experience during this short while in the nursing school reveals the professionalism and high standards inherent in the nursing industry.


“I have learnt more discipline, focus and hard work during this short stint before my capping. This capping will encourage me to work harder and to uphold the tenets of the nursing profession” – Chinwe said.


“I must appreciate our principal Mrs. Chinyere Michael, she has maintained high discipline standard, made sure that everyone is fairly treated and has equally provided everything needed for our studies to be successful, she is my role model” Chibuzo posited.


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A father who was visibly happy over the capping of his daughter, protested against those painting the institution in bad light and urged them to desist from such acts.


“I feel so pained when I read on the social media what some individuals are writing about this institution, in case they don’t know this nursing school is one of the best in Nigeria and Abians should be proud about that”


“My daughter got admission on merit and I have spoken with numerous parents here the story is the same” Chief Ikpechukwu.


Refuting the allegation of money for admission, an official of the school who pleaded anonymity, said that it is difficult to offer admission to all students who apply to study in the school.


He said the school has only 75 slots recently approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Abuja (NMCN), an increase from the previous 50 and only students who meet up with the bench mark will be admitted.


He further revealed that examiners who supervise the examination including the oral interview are not officials of the Abia State School of Nursing Umuahia, they are sent from the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Abuja (NMCN).



“I wonder what people gain from making up these fake stories, nursing is not a profession to toy with, lives are at stake. No authority in the state or even national can manipulate the process, it is a very strict profession. Nobody will allow a student that is not qualified to get into the institution fully because it has grave implications” he states.


According to him, the 75 students that capped today were subjected to Preliminary Training School (PTS) after their 6 months training and they passed. Those that could not meet up with the bench mark did not fail, all it means is that they have to put in more effort and try again next time.


He also denied the allegation that students pay the sum of N500,000, saying the total cost of levies is N215,000 only.

“No doubt they are scammers all around, in fact one is been investigated as we speak. But I can assure you that the school authority is clean especially the principal Mrs. Chinyere Michael”


“There was an incident when someone claimed the principal is related to her and collected money from a couple, unfortunately for the scammer the principal walked pass her on campus one day and she could not even identify the principal she claimed was her cousin.  That was when the couple discovered they have been scammed. So, the authority is clean and apart from that the nursing profession is not toyed with because lives are at stake” he posited.


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On the issue of a video making rounds on social media where some students were not able to identify the location of esophagus on the body, he described it as mere skit.


“How on earth can a nursing student not identify the location of esophagus on the body, even biology students from secondary school know it. That video is just a skit created and edited by the skit maker to trend on social media and make money on social media. Please disregard that video, it is not a true representation of our students and we equally advise students to mind who they speak with so that skit makers will not keep turning their words up side down just to trend on the social media” he concluded.

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