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2023: Why Atiku Is Better Than Other Candidates – Kingsley Megwara | WATCH VIDEO


Why Atiku Abubakar Is Better Than Other Presidential Candidates – Kingsley Megwara | WATCH VIDEO


Honourable Kingsley Megwara, the spokesperson, Atiku Abubakar’s presidential campaign in Abia state, has expressed confidence that his principal stands out among other presidential candidates for the 2023 election.


Answering question on what stands Atiku out from the other candidates while featuring on AF-TELEVISION Programme “Focal Point” on Monday, Megwara said among other candidates, Atiku Abubakar is healthy, is mentally and physically ready to become president and has more experience than the others having served as a vice president. WATCH VIDEO ATTACHED BELOW FROM YOUTUBE VIDEO 1:


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In his words;


“He (Atiku) is healthy; if he tells you good morning it is morning; if he tells you goodnight, it’s night


“Atiku is mentally and physically ready; he has served in the state executive council of this country having served as the vice president for 8 years.”


He said that the years Atiku was in office as a vice president, he wasn’t robotic but was very active.

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Chief Kingsley Megwara (R) and FOCAL POINT anchor Emenike Iroegbu (L)
Chief Kingsley Megwara (R) and FOCAL POINT anchor Emenike Iroegbu (L)

“Atiku Abubakar was not your regular vice president, he was an active one”. The spokesperson added that most innovations during Obasanjo’s administration can be attributed to Atiku Abubakar.


According to Megwara, Atiku having served as a vice president means that he understands the problems of Nigeria more than the other presidential candidates.


“He is the only presidential candidate that will come on board from day one and begin to do the work of Mr President”.


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“Atiku Abubakar is running to be president and Commander in Chief; there is a distinction. At no point in the history of our country do we need just Mr president but Commander in Chief because a commander in chief makes sure that the security architecture will be in place.”


He regretted the high rate of insecurity in the country adding that “we are torn apart security wise; nobody walks around safe again”.


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