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Political Fireworks In Abiriba Continues, As Labour Party Insist PDP Has Failed The People | GIVES MORE REVELATIONS


The political fireworks between Labour Party chieftains and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftains in Abiriba seems not be abating as another rejoinder has emerged from the Labour Party rebutting the last right of reply issued by PDP and written by Elder Obasi Aso. CLICK TO READ FULL


In this rejoinder, Chief Ogadi Peter Iroh blasted Elder Obasi Aso, corroborating what Chief Nwaka Inem said. READ FULL REJIONDER BELOW:


Abiriba 2023: A REJOINDER – A Tale of Consistency and Conviction Versus Agents of Failed Abia State Government and Belle Face PDP Returnee ‘Chieftain’.


My attention has been drawn to an Online article written by one Elder Obasi Aso, an APC to PDP Returnee who rushed back to the PDP to position himself for selection as the Personal Assistant after the appointment of his Ex-Boss as the Chairman of the Governing Council of Abia State University, an Institution with arrears of salaries signature trademark of Abia State Government under Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu. Elder Obasi Aso left PDP to APC against the advise and pleas of his boss who had no position in the Government then which prompted his sojourn to where belle face.


This expository will attempt to address the issues raised by the 4 months old PDP ‘Chieftain’ from APC in his lies garnished reply to Chief Nwaka Inem.


  1. Chief Nwaka Inem has shown character and commitment to a better Abia State by Consistently aligning with Dr. Alex Otti out of Conviction of his capacity to perform unlike Elder Obasi Aso whose driving force is a meal ticket. Elder Obasi Aso became a PDP ‘Chieftain’ when he was picked as the Personal Assistant to the then Chairman Governing Council of Abia State Polytechnic. He left the PDP to APC in anticipation of a Federal Appointment after the expiration of the tenure of his boss. He returned to the PDP just before the Party Primary after H.E. Senator Adolphus Wabara was removed and replaced as Chairman of the Governing Council of Abia State University for speaking truth to power and Elder Obasi Aso’s Ex-boss appointed as his replacement. The reason he returned to his Ex-boss and PDP has nothing to do with Conviction or Loyalty but for a Personal Assistant position in his Ex-boss new appointment and he will not hesitate to leave to another party or boss at the expiration of the current appointment. Elder Obasi Aso cannot claim to have any issues with moving from one political party to the other since himself and the people he hangs around at all time from his boss to his boss’s boss moved from PDP, PPA, APGA and back to PDP and are looking at Governor Nyesom Wike for their next move.


  1. The Federal Government funds the building of water scheme in States but cannot manage the Distribution and Management of water to households in a State. It is the job of the State Water Board and Abia State has no functional water board. Abians in Aba and Umuahia can attest to the fact that Abia State Water Board is non-existent or not functional. Engr. Dennis Goje is the contractor that handled the federal government job and is alive to share his Abia State Experience in comparison to other Federal Government Water Schemes in other States.


  1. The lies of this government and her agents will not cease to amuse all. They lie without shame. In 2015, the PDP lost woefully in Abiriba just like they are posed to lose dogly in 2023. The Rigged-in Governor in discharge of his statutory duty with the State funds not his personal funds awarded the construction of the so called Abiriba Ring-Road to weaken the opposition backbone and stronghold in Abiriba to ease his re-election ambition. The Abiriba-Ring Road has seen more lies than all the lies of Lai Mohammed put together. Less than 15% of 3km Road was classified as phase 1 to deceive Nde Abiriba to dismantle the opposition stronghold. The completion of the Ring-Road was a campaign promise in 2019. It was used as a campaign promise to secure Abiriba support to PDP for a replacement to our Late illustrious Son and Brother Hon. Ossy Prestige HoR seat. The PDP and Dr. Ikpeazu has turned the so called Abiriba Ring-Road into a main and background vocalist chorus in any event that Nde Abiriba interfaces with the Governor or any of his lying agents. The use of gracious is akin to saying that President Buhari graciously released the Abia State and Local Government Federal Allocation to Abia State Government. The story and narratives of Abiriba Ring-Road Project has changed multiple times like chameleon from: The Deputy Governor stopped it to Enemies of Hon. John Okiyi’s towering profile in PDP ganged up against it to Opposition Elements did not want any PDP Project in Abiriba and now the Project Cost variation is the latest lie. I guess the same chameleonic storyline affected the Amanta Road, Asphalting of the Abiriba Road to Roundabout, Ugwu-Court Road awarded without funds and maybe the honouring of the 10 Million Naira pledge to Enuda High School by dishonourable Managers of Abia State Government. How can I be surprised for a government that blames everyone except herself for their failures. They are either denying or blaming workers for being owed arrears of salaries, they blamed ABSUTH and Abiapoly for losing accreditation, they blamed rain for bad roads, they blamed federal government for lack of accessible roads into Abia State and they blamed Labour Party and Dr. Alex Otti for not knowing that Ngwa High School students are on midterm break.


  1. The mention of Abiriba-Nkporo Road is ridiculous. It shows the total disregard to the office of the Deputy Governor. How low can this government go if they see the construction of the shortest access Road to the country-home of the Deputy Governor as achievement. Abiriba is being cut-off from the rest of Abia State by erosion at Agu Eze. If not for the resilience and Self-Help spirit of Nde Abiriba who took their destiny into their hands, Abiriba would have been like a war ravaged Community. Nde Abiriba are contributing money to rebuild their critical Infrastructures especially Roads and Drainages to avoid a repetition of the middle 80’s erosion menace that almost consumed Abiriba.


  1. Abians and the press should just take a trip to Abiriba and see the joke a homosepian is calling a market. In a sane state where half of local government funds is released to the council, a ward Councillor cannot take pride in inviting the Local Government Chairman to commission such joke as a market.


  1. I think Elder Obasi Aso and the person whose signature writing structure is written all over the article should be reminded that PDP and Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu have been the custodians of Abia State and her common wealth for almost 24 years. Their records of performance or otherwise slaps Abians and visitors from all entrance into Abia State. Instead of comparing themselves with Dr. Alex Otti, Labour Party or any other non-State actor, they can do better by comparing themselves and performance with Akwa-Ibom and Emmanuel Udom, River State and Nyesom Wike, Ebonyi State and Dave Umahi including Imo State and Hope Uzodinma. Elder Obasi Aso should explain to Nde Abiriba why he hurriedly left Abiapoly during the Old Bende Cleansing Policy in Abiapoly when over 50 gainfully employed young Abiriba sons and daughters were sacked by Governor Okezie Ikpeazu led PDP Government without a blink of eyes by the Fifty Thousand Naira Election Season Appointees whose tenure ends as soon as the Election is over. Just 2 weeks ago, they claimed 80 Appointees and now it has climbed to 200 Appointees but if they are challenged to list the names, they will be grappling with how to raise 20 names. Lai Mohammed needs to come to Abia State for an upgrade in lying technology.


  1. Elder Obasi Aso should remove the APC hat. He is now in PDP with opposition mindset. PDP is the ruling party in Abia State and has been the ruling party for close to 24 years. Dr. Ikpeazu is currently the Governor of Abia State. Therefore, no party or person can appoint a Local Government TC or Executive TC being occupied by our brother except the PDP and Governor Okezie Ikpeazu. Bar. Irolo Nnam-Nmaju was Executive of Aba Local Government and Chief Agbagha Ochunkwo was Chairman of Aba North Local Government in those dispensation before PDP and didn’t ascend the position on PDP platform. Abiriba has taken the backstage under the PDP. Maybe Elder Obasi Aso has forgotten how Abiriba got 2 house members in 2015. It was not the making or intention of the PDP. The first Executive TC Chairman of Abiriba Extraction in almost 24 years speaks volume of the position of Abiriba and Nde Abiriba in PDP. As a Community, how has the 2 house members and LGA Chairman affected us? What dividend has it brought into Abiriba? Our Roads are still death traps, our schools are nothing to write home about to the extent that our people are paying some teachers to keep our schools running, our hospital is totally non-existent, our people cannot go to their farms unmolested, security is being funded from our pockets and our people are still contributing funds for our Infrastructures as I write.


  1. You can continue believing your own lies. I am sure you know how many of our people has been kidnapped, wounded and killed under the most secured PDP Abia State with almost 1 Billion Naira Monthly Security Vote. I can tell you how many of our people that has relocated outside Abia State for fear of their safety while the lying agents of the State continue to brag about Abia being secured and peaceful. A container coming to Aba has become a mary-go-round from Port-Harcourt to Imo State before Aba. As I write, hundreds of containers of our people are still stucked on the road for weeks under a commissioner for Trade and Investment of Abiriba Extraction. What is the fate of the shops of our people in Aria Ohuru and Ariaria? A project of 6 weeks completion time has not been given back to their owners after almost 2 years.


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Chief Nwaka Inem is a loyal, consistent and predictable ally of Dr. Alex Otti with Conviction. He has a relationship beyond partisan politics with Dr. Alex Otti and has resisted and rejected all overtures from PDP. He is a member of Mr. Peter Obi National Campaign Council and will not dignify a disloyal, inconsistent and an unpredictable Elder Obasi Aso who has no Conviction and whose politics and alignment is solely driven by stomach infrastructure and what is in there for me mentality.


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Chief Ogadi Peter iroh (Umunnanwezuo Aku)

Writes from Aba

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1 Comment
  1. Chibuike Asoh says

    A wise person makes his own decisions; while an ignorant person follows public opinion.

    Please, let us always say the truth whenever we are writing for public consumption, especially when demarketing or trying to rewrite a wrongful act. You don’t have to lie against someone just to make your point.

    I said long ago that we need some fresh air in the Abia North, and Abia State political spaces, and I still maintained it.

    Men of great character are known when trusted with public offices or funds whether big or small; because connection can take you into an office, but it takes character to excel in such spaces.

    I personally do not have anything against Mr. Peter Obi joining another political party because I was more concerned about the individual content rather than the container (platform) that is why even if he had left PDP for ABC party I would have followed him because of his integrity, morale, and competence.

    Elder Obasi Asoh did not rush back to position himself in PDP for selection as you claimed, rather, he was appointed on the basis of integrity, morale, and competence as the Personal Assistant to Chief Mba Okoronkwo Ukariwo, Pro-Chancellor & Chairman, Governing Council, Abia State University, Uturu, before rejoining the PDP. So, you may state your dismay or dissatisfaction with the various offices he has served rather than the issue of moving from party A to B.

    Best regards,

    𝗖𝗵𝗶𝗯𝘂𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝗔𝘀𝗼𝗵
    𝑪𝒐𝒏𝒄𝒆𝒓𝒏𝒆𝒅 𝑪𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒛𝒆𝒏 𝒐𝒇 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝑭𝒆𝒅𝒆𝒓𝒂𝒍 𝑹𝒆𝒑𝒖𝒃𝒍𝒊𝒄

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