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Atiku exp0ses Tinubu’s plans over Official State Policy | READ DEATILS


Atiku exp0ses Tinubu’s plans over Official State Policy | READ DEATILS

Former Vice President and presidential candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, said yesterday that Bola Tinubu is going to start a propaganda campaign in the next few days.

He said that Tinubu had already hired over 15 media aides whose only job was to spread false information as a state policy and keep Nigerians from thinking about how much pain his government has caused them.

In a statement gathered by All Facts Newspaper, has it that, Phrank Shaibu, who is Atiku’s special assistant on public communication, said that the fake news about the United Arab Emirates ending the ban on visas was just the “tip of the iceberg.”

He said that Tinubu has always done things this way, even when he was governor and the head of his party.

Atiku said, “From what we know, Bola Tinubu is going to go all out with lies when he goes to the United Nations General Assembly. He will say that he has gotten $100 billion in investments from outside the country, but he won’t give important information. It’s all just lies. It’s all a bunch of nonsense. In India, he said they had pledges of more than $14 billion, just like his predecessor, President Muhammadu Buhari, said he had up to $6 billion in promises. This is nothing but a waste of time and money.

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“The NNPC said last month that it had gotten a $3 billion loan to help stabilize the naira. We warned Nigerians that it was all a trick to trick them. On the black market, the naira is getting close to $1/N1,000, so we were right.

“Tinubu said that the visa ban was lifted right away after his trip to the UAE. Now, they have changed the rules because the UAE government said the story was not true. In this season of balablu, Nigeria will keep getting embarrassed in the same way.

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“The FTSE study showed that Tinubu’s so-called FX unification policy was not working and that Nigeria had gone from being a frontier market to being an unclassified market.

Since he hasn’t been able to bring the economy back to life, he has hired over 15 people to work in the media instead of more economic experts.

“Among his media advisers are Ajuri Ngelale (Special Adviser for Media and Publicity), Tunde Rahman (SSAP Media), Tope Ajayi (SSAP Media and Publicity), Abdulaziz Abdulaziz (SSAP Print Media), Otega Ogara (SSAP Digital/New Media), Segun Dada (SAP Social Media), Nosa Asemota (SAP Visual Communications), Sunday Moses (PA Videography), and Taiwo Okonlaw This is in addition to the minister of information and other people who have been put in charge of pushing the propaganda plan by the ministry.”

Shaibu said it was funny that Tinubu, who had promised to get to work right away, had only held one cabinet meeting since he took office almost 120 days ago.

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He told the people of Nigeria to be patient while the Supreme Court gets ready to start working on the election case appeal.

“Tinubu got rid of the gasoline subsidy without any kind of plan and chose to give millions of poor Nigerians a few bags of rice. As of now, the minimum wage is still N30,000, which is about $31 per month based on the exchange rate on the underground market.

“This is the punishment Nigerians are getting because the group in charge of running elections on February 25 didn’t do its job. This is a sign of what the Bible says: when the righteous are in charge, the people are happy, but when the wicked are in charge, the people suffer.

“In the meantime, we ask Nigerians to be patient while the courts do their jobs to fix the election fraud that has brought Nigerians to their knees.”

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