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REVEAL£D: How NIMASA Sold 82 Vehicles for Mere N5.8 Million


REVEAL£D: How NIMASA Sold 82 Vehicles for Mere N5.8 Million

In a stunning revelation that has sent shockwaves through the House of Representatives, the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) admitted to selling 82 vehicles for a paltry sum of N5.8 million.

The disclosure came during a resumed hearing of the House Committee investigating the disposal of public property by government agencies between 2010 and 2022.

NIMASA’s Executive Director of Finance and Administration, Chudi Offodile, made the admission while testifying before the committee, which is chaired by Julius Ihonvbere.

According to Ships & Ports, Offodile maintained that the sale of the vehicles had followed due process, but the shocking details presented in documents by NIMASA painted a starkly different picture.

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How NIMASA Sold 82 Vehicles for Mere N58 Million

Some of the most eye-catching revelations include a Peugeot Expert Ambulance with a market value of N200,000 being sold for a mere N95,000, a Honda Civic Saloon Car valued at N170,000 sold for N76,500, and a Toyota Hilux (Grounded) worth N300,000 fetching only N140,000.

In addition, a Toyota Hilux (Accidental) with a market value of N200,000 was sold for N96,000, while another Toyota Hilux (Grounded) worth N250,000 was disposed of for just N115,000.

Notably, two units of Toyota Hilux, initially valued at N1 million each while in the custody of Carbotage Consultant in Lagos, were sold at a significantly reduced price of N470,000 each during the forced liquidation/auction.

Also, a Honda Civic with a market value of N210,000 was sold for N95,000, and a Honda City, initially valued at N190,000, was auctioned off for just N80,000, among other shocking transactions.

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What adds to the mystery surrounding these sales is the observation that many of the vehicles displayed in the documents did not appear old or unserviceable. Committee chairman Julius Ihonvbere expressed his astonishment, noting that some of the vehicles looked new and questioned the rationale behind an advertisement placed on March 29, 2022, calling for a public auction of NIMASA vehicles and the subsequent sale of all the vehicles on March 30, 2022, through forced liquidation/auction.

Ihonvbere raised concerns that such a swift process seemed pre-arranged and appeared to contravene the extant Public Procurement Act, which mandates a more transparent and extended process for disposing of public assets.

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He further disclosed that the Ad-hoc Committee had received petitions alleging that the vehicles were sold to NIMASA officials and staff, implying that the auctioneers engaged by the agency were merely rubber-stamping fictitious insider trading.

Consequently, the committee has requested a comprehensive list of all auctioneers and beneficiaries of the vehicles, along with details regarding the original cost of the vehicles, invoices, and letters of contract awards for the auctioning of assets to these auctioneers.

They also seek evidence of relevant approvals obtained from the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing, as well as the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP). This shocking revelation has ignited a firestorm of controversy and demands for accountability within the Nigerian government.



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