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Remigius Obi Agwunobi: Missing Man’s Family Cries Out, Alleges More Attacks on Them



The family of Remigius Obi Agwunobi who hails from Isunjaba in Imo State are still very troubled after 7 years of his disappearance which was caused by the attack of over 30 irate youths at his hotel in Isunjaba on the allegation of sodomy .


The attack which consumed A&G hotel owned by Remigius,also consumed were the hotel official buses and cars with many customers sustaining various degrees of injuries due to the attack of the youths from the community.


AFNEWS gathered that Remigius Obi and the community developed a cold war relationship as a result of the community suspecting that he was into same sex relationship and also that his A&G hotel is patronized by homosexuals and other bisexual individuals.


The attack on the hotel by the community youths started in 2009 when Remigius disappeared as we gathered, but the attack continued even in 2016 on the suspicion that he is around.


AFNEWS learnt from Remigius family members that the damage on the hotel and it’s properties is worth over #200m as at 2016.


Based on the information at our disposal, the disappearance of Remigius and destruction of A&G hotels has caused undue hardship on the immediate and extended family members of Remigius Obi Agwunobi because so many of them relied on him for every economic benefit.


Speaking with a family member of Remigius who does want his name mentioned, stated that the family is confused because they don’t know if their son is still alive or not.


We are very troubled, since 2009 that Remigius disappeared, we have not heard anything about him.


He has not called,we have searched for him everywhere we know all to no avail,he said.


He continued, “the worst part is that his family is stranded, the attacks from the community youths have not abated and we are living in deep fear every day.His kids has dropped out of school because of school because they no longer have a means of livelihood and their breadwinner is no where to be found ,he concluded.


Our research also revealed that Remigius Obi is wanted because of the allegation of same sex relationship which was proscribed by the law prohibiting same intercourse and marriage signed in 2013.


Remigius family have taken advantage of both the print and electronic media to announce the sudden disappearance and unfortunately no positive outcome for past years.

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