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Nollywood Actor Deyemi Okanlawon Dictates How Fans Should Approach Him


Nollywood actor, Deyemi Okanlawon, has encouraged his fans to approach him in public with confidence.

The actor said this via his Instagram page on Thursday, where he shared a screenshot in which a fan accused him of being a snob.

The fan had said,

“I honestly don’t look at any celebrity to greet them or talk to them to avoid unnecessary disdain. I’ve seen a number of them.

“I literally always just walk past them,even when it feels good to see my favorites but I greeted @deyemitheactor one time at Ebonylife building, I didn’t get any response. I just looked away and felt I shouldn’t have because I honestly usually don’t.”

In response, Okanlawon stated that the fan got the same energy he gave out, adding that fans should make sure they get his attention whenever they want to approach him.

The actor said,

“This was brought to my attention and while I’m quite okay with leaving people with their opinions, I think if you read this your comment again you may realize that perhaps it’s the energy you put out that might be responsible for the energy you seem to receive.

“Me that, even on my worst days, I have a smile specially reserved for anyone who recognizes me from my work and deems me worthy to be hailed.

“Me wey never blow, wey still dey find helper na him I go dey chin pesin? Having said that, I find it worrisome you left an interaction with me feeling somewhat slighted.

“Meanwhile to everyone else, I take God beg you, if you wan hail me, please do so with confidence and make sure you have my attention. Make e no be say I dey reason my wife bill, children fees, parents allowance, Nollywood wahala etc!” (sic).

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