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Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike, has alleged that many governors are hiding under Covid-19 pandemic not to perform.

Wike said this during a facility tour of the ultramodern Government House hospital and Administrative building in Port Harcourt with the Senate Chief Whip, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu.

He said that Rivers State would not join the league of States that hide under the guise of COVID-19 pandemic to deny their people basic infrastructures ,which are universally acknowledged as a major contributor to higher economic productivity, growth and trade.

“COVID-19 cannot be an excuse to any government. COVID -19 is a bad thing, but it has come. It will go whether we like it or not. But people will also be alive. Infrastructure must be provided, so you can’t say because of COVID-19 nothing will be done. At the time COVID-19 ends, what will the people be facing? Lack of basic infrastructure. So, because of COVID19, I am not going to be doing anything? I am not a party to that. I will continue to work whether there is COVID-19 or not.”

Wike maintained that his administration has continued to  invest in high quality infrastructure that have positive economic value that can stimulate job creation and boost foreign direct investment in the State.

He added that in the midst of the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, the State government on Wednesday approved two additional flyovers at the cost of N12.4 billion to Julius Berger.

According to him, investment in these projects have been made possible because of the government’s judicious application of State resources to meet the pressing needs of the people.

“You manage whatever you have for the interest of the people. Infrastructure brings investments. Part of the problem we have in this country today is the decay of infrastructure. We don’t have it and that also affects investment inflow. So, when these roads are there, you will see people will come in. You don’t expect private investor to begin to do road for you. It is not possible.

“You want to do agriculture, there is no road. How can we do agriculture when there is no road. How will the produce be brought to the city, to the market? So, you must provide these basic infrastructure for investment inflow and that is what we are doing” the governor said.

Wike advised that  no government should use COVID-19 as an excuse not to invest in infrastructural development that can foster economic development and prosperity.

He appreciated  Orji  Kalu, for visiting Rivers State to assess what his administration is doing to improve the quality of life of the people. He said such bipartisan collaboration is required for the country to move forward.

Kalu after inspection of the Government House hospital and Administrative Building, said Wike’s deliberate investment in crucial infrastructural is commendable.

“All the facilities I have seen here is first class. This is what I can’t even see in Europe. The hospital I have seen, the doctors’ room, the conference centre is something else. I must commend Governor Wike. You see I am a bipartisan person. We need to commend anybody who has done a good job. He is PDP, I am APC” Kalu said.

The Senate Chief Whip implored the Federal, State and Local authorities to urgently consider it worthwhile to emulate the Rivers State government by investing ultra-modern hospital like the one built by the Wike’s administration. This he said would help to curtail the huge foreign exchange expended on medical tourism.

“I advise every other State governors or the local authorities and national authorities to build hospitals like this. If you know how much we spend on medical tourism, you will pity this country.”

He further added: “We are not talking about party, I am talking about conscience and what I have seen. This is fantastic. I have never seen any private hospital in Nigeria or government owned hospital like I have seen in Government House.”

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