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Dwayne Johnson The Rock tops Hollywood top 10 big earners list


Dwayne Johnson pocketed $87.5 million up till June 2020, to become for second successive year Hollywood’s highest-paid actor.

At least a quarter of the money came from his lucrative Netflix contracts.

However, the figure is slightly lower than the $89.4 million Johnson earned last year.

Ryan Reynolds comes second on the list with US$71.5 million.

Like Johnson, Reynold’s income was also boosted by Netflix.

Akshay Kumar, the bollywood megastar returned to the top 10 list as number 6.

Will Smith and Adam Sandler were also on the list, along with Martial arts icon Jackie Chan, who was listed as Number 10.

Top 10 Hollywood Big Earners List

1. Dwayne Johnson ($87.5 million)

2. Ryan Reynolds ($71.5 million)

3. Mark Wahlberg ($58 million)

4. Ben Affleck ($55 million)

5. Vin Diesel ($54 million)

6. Akshay Kumar ($48.5 million)

7. Lin-Manuel Miranda ($45.5 million)

8. Will Smith ($44.5 million)

9. Adam Sandler ($41 million)

10. Jackie Chan ($40 million)


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