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Don’t Vote Candidate Without Shame, Fear Of God –Amaechi


Ahead of the gubernatorial election in Rivers State, former Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, has urged voters in the state to vote for only the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Tonye Cole.


Amaechi, while speaking during a visit to traders and artisans in Elekahia mechanic village, Ikoku, Ojoto, Okija and other parts of Diobu area of the state, urged voters to vote Cole, describing him as a person with character and the fear of God.


“I say to you again, any man who has no shame and does not have the fear of God, don’t vote him. Cole has the fear of God. Vote for him,” Amaechi said.


The traders pledged their support for the APC candidate, stating that lessons have been learnt from their experiences under the current leadership of the PDP in Rivers State.

Also addressing the automobile dealers and technicians at Elekahia Mechanic Village, Amaechi said, “Don’t let a politician buy your conscience. Once they buy your conscience, they leave you. Vote for the right person, who would remember you.

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“With my knowledge of Tonye, he will keep to his promise. He will not abuse you or your parents. Those are not issues of governance. Governance is a serious job, that’s why a governor is called ‘his excellency.’ For you to be called Excellency, you must be an excellent man all round. An excellent man is honest.


“So, go and put your vote for APC and protect your votes. In the previous election, they told us vote and go home, it will be uploaded, the next thing, they told us the BVAS failed. This time, whether it fails or not, we will be there.


The reason why you need to be there is, your life depends on who becomes governor of Rivers State, because you live here and do business here, so you have a right to choose who that person is.

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In Ikoku, he told the spare parts dealers, “Remember, I was to build a flyover here, but I said to you, I would not do it until I build another place where you can stay comfortably. The reason I said that was because, I was your neighbor. I lived at Chigbu Street, I schooled at Sacred Heart Secondary School, Azikiwe.


“So, I know poverty, I know what most of you are going through. Some of you are millionaires, but majority of you are like me who passed through suffering. I knew that chasing you out of Ikoku without a proper alternative was wickedness, so I cancelled that project (the proposed flyover) until we finished.


“We acquired land between Oyigbo and Eleme, 90 hectares. We were to do road, water, light, build houses for you to live, build primary and secondary schools for your children, and give you your shops. But the current government didn’t continue with it.

“The problem with the masses is that tomorrow they can still come here and give you money to vote for them, you collect. Once you collect, it means they have paid you and they will close. They can still come here and knock your shops down. You won’t do anything because they have paid you. But if you refuse to collect and vote for the party that will change these things, then your future will be assured. If you vote for APC, give us six months to one year, that place will be ready.

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He further advised voters to protect their votes on election day, saying, “After voting, don’t go home. If you vote for the APC candidate, be assured that things will change. Tonye’s mother is Ikoku; therefore, I doubt that Tonye would ignore you. I know he will not fail, but you must also trust us by saying to them, I must vote for this candidate.”



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