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We Must Get Leadership Right – Onyekwere Akym Uche (OAU)


Leadership is about getting it right, not being right. Leadership can be describe as the action of leading a group of people or an organization. As a leader, the job is to connect with people. We must connect with those we lead, our peers, and those who lead us.


In our political demographic, leaders can be referred to as Presidents, Governors, Senators, House of Representatives, Political stakeholders, Political party affiliates and many more. The offices of the President and Governors are elected public servants whose role and responsibility is to serve the people by leading them, ensuring protection of lives and properties. Also, creating economic wealth and stability for the state and/or country to thrive. 2023 beckons on us with a fundamental question as to what kind of leaders do we wish to serve us the people. Do we wish to elect leaders with great vision and solutions on how to tackle the many problems that face Nigeria or are we looking to elect deceptive individuals with visionless attributes? People without integrity and lack of interest for the people they wish to serve. The year 2023 is an important year for Nigeria and my dear state Abia. The forthcoming election creates an avenue to elect leaders into offices that will steer the affairs of the state and the country to its desired position.


To be a leader and to run for office, such prospect must identify the problems and the root cause of such peril that afflicts the state. I am running for the office of Governor Abia State, the problems facing Abia state can be categorized into Physical, Psychological and Social. These factors consist of political instability, unemployment, population explosion, environmental degradation, ethnic and religious conflicts, terrorism and economic deficit etc. The major challenges that undermines the growth of Abia state are insecurity and unemployment. Not to underrate the other factors, but I believe when we address the issues of insecurity and unemployment, it will pave the way to restore stability within the state. Other sectors will begin to flourish because the government and its people have engaged in prioritizing which subject matter supersedes the other. A research showed that provision of employment opportunities would go a long way to curb the threat of an unstable state. There is a popular say that “an idle hand is the devil’s workshop”. When people are engaged, especially the youths of Abia state, productivity is enhanced. Abia state has the potential of being a productive state as assumed to consumption. There are several areas of production that Abia can tap from such as oil and gas, Clothing fabric, shoe manufacture and auto-mechanic parts amongst others. However, for the state to witness the success and growth of the state, it is important to create a stable environment by ensuring safety of lives and properties. Without proper security, a society cannot develop. President Buhari on December 24th 2021, said without security Nigeria’s economy cannot grow. I agree with him on his comment, however as the President and leader of our great nation it is his responsibility to ensure that the citizens are secured and protected. He is the Chief security officer of Nigeria, yet terrorist have been operating at will. The action of the President and his political party contradicts the promises that were made to the people that at a stipulated time, they will eradicate terrorism from Nigeria. We’ve seen the confidence and strength the terrorist groups have gained over the years. Due to the incompetence of our leaders, we have terrorist boldly sending out threats to a sitting President and Governor of Kaduna State. As a result of this, the economy is in shambles with unemployment on the rise with inflation tormenting the people. Abia state is in a condition of structural decay filled with gloomy faces and broken spirits. Citizens of Abia live in fear and poverty, the leaders have failed in their responsibilities and commitment to the people, which bids the question, and did we vote in the right leaders? Were we deceived? Was the vote counted legitimately? Did we sell our votes to the highest bidder? How did we get here?

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The more questions we ask, the more answers we seek. The beauty of democracy is, it gives an opportunity after 4 years to elect or re-elect a candidate. The next election is in 2023, are we going to repeat the same mistake as the previous election. Do we want a positive change or stick to the status quo. Is our allegiance to a political party better than our duty of care to humanity. For me, I chose the latter. The OAU Foundation was founded on the principle of spreading positivity to humanity. During one of the foundation’s activities, we came across a video of a JSS 2 students from DMGS secondary school Onitsha. These young students invented solar panels that can install solar energy. They also invented a device that comprises of automatic hand sanitizer and air purifier. I was amazed by this invention that a proposal was sent to the executives of the foundation to deliberate on. Such inventions and activity will fit into our program for youth development and skills in Abia State. Most recent, a Female Nigeria athlete (Tobi Amusan) won the world champion hurdle sprint and broke the world record. She did this against all odds. She got little or no support from Family or the authorities. She was determined to make it and she achieved it by carving a niche for herself. All over the world sports is an enterprise, it’s a viable sector. With sports, scholarship are given for education, merchandise generates revenues. Under the blueprints for Abia 2023, sports is part of the agenda and area of interest for the campaign.

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We are posed with the decision to elect leaders in 2023. We must get it right this time around. Our survival depends on it. The interest of Abia State is our best interest. For our campaign, we’ve endeavored to publish our blueprint and programs for the state. It is on our website ( Interest groups and their personnel shared our messages via verbal communication and print. Our commitment and allegiance is to the great people of Abia state for what we do in life echoes in eternity. Let us not sell our votes or be swayed by deceptive promises. We need a leader who is ready to serve transparently, a leader with a vision that understands the challenges and plight of the people. A leader that agrees with the setup of a Performance indicator during his reign as Governor of a state. A leader whose parameter or factor will be measured by what the people see and not by words of promises. We ask to let the masses live. We ask for The New Abia.

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