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Watch Video Of How Couple Uses Underage Girls For Prostit-ution In Anambra


Watch Video Of How Couple Uses Underage Girls For Prostit-ution In Anambra

One Mrs Chioma Okeke and her husband, have been arrested for using underage girls to run a brothel in Oba, in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Okonkwo said to be a nursing mother popularly known as ‘Ukwu Venza’ uses underage girls within the age range of 12 and 15 for prostit-ution and tra-fficking.

She and her husband were arrested on Tuesday by the state ministry of Women Affairs and Social Welfare in conjunction with the police after she had gone into hiding.

Speaking to newsmen, the Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Welfare, Ify Obinabo said the couple were arrested after they offered to bribe her and they fell into a trap set for them.

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“She was using these little girls to do prostitution. They (the girls) would pay her (after sleeping with a man), then she would now, in return, pay the girls every month.”

“When she heard we were looking for her, she reached out to us through her husband, asking that she wanted to give me some money to water the ground.

“I called the governor and told him of the development. I also called the police, and they urged me to play along with them. They later asked me to come to Asaba, where the woman’s husband offered me N300,000 as part payment.”

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The commissioner said the suspect promised to make a total payment of N2 million to kill the matter entirely.



“I insisted that the woman also come, and she was later brought to a hotel to meet me. She promised that she would be making monthly returns to me. Later, security men came out and arrested her” she added.

She added that Okonkwo, who hails from Otolo Nnewi, was previously operating in Nnewi, where he was known as “Madam Padded.”

She operated facilities where underage girls were forced into s-ex slavery in Nnewi and later relocated to Oba after three of her girls died in the facility in a fire incident.

In Oba, she took up the name “Ukwu Venza,” where nine girls, including three girls aged 13 years, were found to be working as pro-stitutes.

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The commissioner recalled that, in 2019, a shanty brothel in Nnewi owned by the suspect was gutted by fire which killed three commercial s-ex workers who were working for her.

She alleged that the suspect was responsible for the deaths of the victims because the suspect had locked the victims in a room in the brothel to prevent them from having se-x with other men who did not pay her directly.

Obinabo said Mrs Ekpereamaka Okonkwo would be charged in court and prosecuted for using teenage girls for pros-titution.


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