The Notorious Abia Political Gangsters Are Playing God – Ferdinand Ekeoma

Clowns usually consider themselves champions in the land of the foolish. Abia may have been unfortunate to suffer the inglorious supritendence of men who ordinarily should have no business with governance in the land of the sane, but that doesn’t mean that sane and brave minds are completely non existent in Abia, even in those governments.

The oprobrious quest for the subjugation and possible annihilation of voices of dissent by a group of extreme political gangsters is one voodoo voyage that’s destined for doom.

Make no mistake about it, they are not invisible. Their nonsensical display of dubious smartness exposes their follies, while their consistent display of infantile aura of invisibility exposes their vulnerability. Take away political power and Abia resources from them, and they would swiftly suffer bewilderment like uprooted pumpkin leaves, because they have never genuinely created wealth and thus hardly sustain any.

Remember that Adolf Hitler called the bluff of his lieutenants when they advised him for a Strategic Retreat, instead he claimed that retreat was for cowards. For me, God merely confused him with pride and arrogance to end his killing spree and bring his inglorious existence to a deserving end. He didn’t just die, but his name remains a curse.

Muammarh Ghadafi once ensured that 1,200 prisoners were executed in a day in 1996 in a bid to uphold power and remain unchallenged. He cared not for the pains of victims’ relations, wives and children, but when the time was ripe for him to taste the sweetness of death, he hid in a waste pipe after losing thousands of murderous loyalists and suffering desertion by others. Despite being armed with a heavily loaded automatic golden riffle and sighting the rebels first, yet he couldn’t fire a shot with the hope that the rebels searching for him would not see him. When they sighted him and opened fired, he shouted like a coward and pleaded with them not to kill him. He was captured alive, beaten like a roadside thief, before being shot dead while his corpse was placed on a car bonnet, amid wide jubilation by rebels.

Idi Amin of Uganda took his lunacy to the apogee, and ruthlessly relished the joy of giving his victims the so called “VIP Treatments”, but when the time came for him to stay back in Kampala, fight to finish and enjoy the “VIP” Treatment, he cowardly fled to Saudi Arabia where he lived in solitary confinement until the end of his miserable life.

Saddam Hussein, among other crimes against humanity, once used chemical weapons to kill thousands of fellow Iraqis in 1988. He also manifested his lack of humanity when he ordered that his two son in-laws be executed for working against his government. The two men who were married to his two daughters were locked up in a house, alongside their siblings while the building was surrounded by soldiers who reduced the building to rubbles with rocket propelled grenades in a broad daylight, while Saddam watched it live on TV.

When the time was ripe for him to pay for his atrocities, his allies left him, and most soldiers of his Republican Guard disguised as women in a bid to escape death from America’s B52. Finally, he was completely deserted, and left to defend himself alone. Looking dirty, depressed and disgusting,he hid inside a hole at his hometown of Tikrit, armed with an automatic pistol, yet, like Ghadafi, he could not fire a shot evening after sighting American marines first. He was cheaply captured by the marines who shaved his unkempt beards before handing him over to the New Iraqi government.
He was tried and found guilty of numerous crimes. On the day of his execution, he feared being hanged, and thus begged that he should be killed by firing squad. His request was turned down, a rope tied to his neck and he defecated as he was hanged. Before his physical death,he had died emotionality, following the death of his two notorious sons, Udey and Kusey, and his grandson, Mustapha during a shootout win American forces.

Osama Bin Laden, the terror chief who took away the joy of thousands of families across the world in a day and replaced it with unsolicited sadness and sorrow, gave legitimacy to the myth of his invisibility through his years of elusiveness.

Unfortunately for him, disconnecting himself from technology and choosing to live like a mediaeval man in an isolated part of Pakistan could not stop God from passing guilty verdict on him at the appropriate time.

In the middle of the night when American Special Forces came calling, Bin Laden neither fought nor died like a brave man he pretended to be.

Realising that he had been barricaded, he sent one of his wives being used as a shield to confuse the forces, but the woman was gunned down as the forces climbed the staircase of the building he lived in. As he reached for his A.K 47, he was pummelled with a barrage of bullets. He was brought down so cheaply, to the amazement of the forces.

According to a member of the American Seal Team Six that personally shot the bullet that killed him, they had expected Bin Laden to put up a serious fight. They entered the building to kill him, but with the assumption that he could blow up everyone. The soldier was surprised that it took them only 9 minutes in the operation that lasted for 40 minutes to identify and kill Bin Laden. He was also surprised that out of the three A.K. 47 found by his side, only one was loaded, and concluded that from all the operations he had taken part in, he has come to realise that most terrorists and dictators are cowards, who would always lead a campaign of violence against the innocent, but would always be afraid of dying violently.

In Abia state, a notorious character in the government is leading a cruel campaign of subjugation, illegal arrest and unjust incarceration against perceived enemies, critics and political opponents of the government and some godfathers.

He’s never ready to follow the right legal processes that would allow such citizens the real opportunity to prove their innocence or be fairly punished for their perceived offences, because he knows he hardly has a case against such persons, so his strategy is always to violently leverage on the cover and tacit support of the government to perpetually incarcerate such persons in a bid to break them to a point of surrender and submission.

This same character who has found joy in ignominy for selfish economic gains had arrived ABSU on the night of 28 June, 2000, little over a year after the return of democracy in Nigeria, mobilized ABSU students through the Student Union Leadership for the impeachment of the then Speaker of Abia state House of Assembly, and the next day, thousands of ABSU students invaded Abia state House of Assembly, and the then Speaker, RT. Hon. Christopher Enweremadu was illegally and violently removed by 9 out of the 24 members of the House, while many members of the house sustained various degrees of injury.

He later got the reward he wanted from the inglourious regime, and used his position to elevate sychophancy and propaganda to an insane dimension, while frightening innocent opponents of the government by consistently raising false alarms. He is still doing the same dirty job today, to the admiration of those who influenced his appointment and those who appointed him directly.

No body should waste his time appealing to the conscience of this character with dead conscience, because goodness doesn’t matter to him, the things that matter to him are mainly power and money. In pursuing money and power, brotherhood, innocence, truth and justice do not matter to him.

Make no mistake about it, all citizens, including the leaders and the led reserve the rights to seek legal redress when defamed or injured, however, such rights do no require the deployment of naked power by those who possess wealth or occupy political power at the moment against those who do not.

Like Martin Luther King Jnr. rightly posited that “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves, and under a just God cannot long retain it”

You can not slap a child and ask him not to cry, so while the Abia political gangsters deploy their powers to the point of extremism in a bid to subdue and suppress those who have found the courage and boldness to challenge their anti people misdeeds, they should realise how transient power is. They should also be reminded that it’s an impossibility to obliterate the voice of truth, same way it’s an impossibility to annihilate honorable souls that have chosen to speak truth to power without selfish compromise.

I’m sure that the oppressive gangsters, especially their Chiefo desire to walk the streets of Abia with the swag of a tiger and wear the apparel of superhumans in a bid to frighten innocent Abians, and ensure that every voice of dissent is shut, and that everyone kowtows and prostrates under their dirty table of stolen affluence while they plunder recklessly, sadly they are oblivion of their inconsequentiality in the circle of those that truly command such powers they have ignorantly arrogated to themselves. No man should think himself too powerful to assume that the other can do nothing.

Time shall manifest the true Victors and vanquished in Abia, but I am very sure that evil can never triumph over good.

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