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SPONSORED: PDP Resorts To Desperate And Undemocratic Means To Win Governorship And House Of Assembly Elections In Abia State


SPONSORED: PDP Resorts To Desperate And Undemocratic Means To Win Governorship And House Of Assembly Elections In Abia State



Information and reports from high level Intelligence and Surveillance, obtained from highly reliable, undisclosed sources close to PDP, have revealed clandestine meetings held by PDP party hierarchies and strategic stakeholders to rig the upcoming Governorship elections in Abia State, slated to take place on Saturday, March 11, 2023.


According to these dependable, insider sources, the meetings were secretly convened in the residence of one time PDP State Chairman in Abia State Government.

These meetings and similar ones scheduled to take place subsequently, before the March 11, 2023 Governorship elections, have been specifically designed as direct strategic response to the poor and shocking performance of PDP in the recently concluded Presidential and National Assembly elections.


The core agenda and intent of the obnoxious PDP stratagem is conceived to brazenly rig the Governorship elections in Abia State.

The primary aim is by all means to check mate another round of abysmal performance likely to seal finally resounding defeat of PDP in Abia State.


Thus, according to our reliable sources, the logic driving the planned rigging agenda of the Governorship elections is evident in the desperate bids to secure victory for PDP candidates, particularly the Governorship flag bearer, at all costs.

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In this context, huge sums of monies have been budgeted and lined up to facilitate the rigging agenda.


Our sources further divulged PDP plans are anchored on using as allies some unscrupulous INEC personnel to achieve the rigging, in order to short change Abia electorate, and ultimately subvert or undermine democracy, and specifically the supreme will of Abians.


We understand that the recent sudden changes effected by dropping some Transition Chairmen barely three weeks in office, with replacements, recently announced by the Abia State Government, is part of the plan and scheme to rig the Governorship elections.


It is not surprising to note PDP would resort to this undemocratic, unethical means in desperate bids to cling to power, even against the will of the voters, following recent wide spread rejections suffered by PDP on February 25, 2023.


Moreso, it is no secret that PDP had “won” elections previously in Abia State  solely on the strength of “rigging” elections with active connivance of INEC personnel.


The unholy alliance or marriage between these two entities and partners suffered irremediable set back on February 25, 2023, because of the resolute resolve of Abia electorate and voters to reject PDP in the polls, owning to PDP’s highly embarrassing all round low levels of performance in governance, particularly under the incumbent Governor, Victor Okezie Ikpeazu.

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The heavy defeats suffered by PDP, notably was not the first of its kind but was remarkably evident and inescapable, thanks to the introduction of ICT devices and technologies in the conduct of the Presidential and NASS elections. Formidable combination of the will of the citizenry for long over due change in the system and ICT devices proved to be too much for PDP’s often touted electoral “Invincibility” in Abia State, particularly. On Saturday, March 11, 2023, PDP, is bound to kiss the dust and another defeat, inevitably.


Come Saturday, March 11, 2023, we advise patriotic Abia citizenry, electorate, voters, civil society organisations, and all strategic stakeholders to be mindful of the underhand, nefarious intentions of PDP to subvert democracy and democratic tenets by means of illicit liaison with some unscrupulous elements within the ranks of INEC.


Furthermore, while we condemn strongly PDP’s evil agenda, and hope for free, fair, and credible elections devoid of any shreds of acts of indiscipline, particularly acts capable of instigating or unleashing violence; we hereby encourage Abians to remain law abiding and lawful citizens in conduct, even in face of premeditated, orchestrated provocations, such as the affronts of unmitigated plans or devices to rig elections by PDP.


Importantly, ndi Abia, the watchword, come March 11, 2023, is: to be completely alert and eternally vigilant against any acts or intendment on the part of PDP or any INEC personnel to pervert the electoral mandates or will of Abians.

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Abia State, belongs to all of us. Abia State was never at any time intented to be or declared the “private estate or property” of PDP to abuse, confiscate, despoil, mismanage, plunder, or rape at will with impunity.


Behind the desperate bids of PDP to rig the Governorship elections, instead of in keeping with democratic ideals to respect and accept the supreme will of the people of Abia State, is fundamentally PDP’s arrogant Spirit of Impunity. That characteristic hallmark and identity of PDP; PDP overlords and demi gods.


Come Saturday March 11, 2023, the supreme will of Abians shall certainly prevail; and no contrary powers, be it PDP or unscrupulous INEC personnel, can trample upon our common will hinged on free exercise of our democratic Franchise to choose freely, unhindered our leaders fit for holding public offices, as Trustees of the people.


Lastly, the free will of Abians to choose and elect the person to serve as the Governor of Abia State; and members of Abia State House of Assembly, shall be the ultimate defining moment of March 11, 2023.


Written By: Sleek Ogwo,ANIPR

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