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SH0CK! Day-old Baby Thrown Into A Soakaway is Discovered by Children in Oyo



A new born baby thrown into a soakaway has been rescheduled alive in Ogun state.

The baby boy was rescued after his cry was heard on Saturday, August 8, by children playing near the soakaway located at Oyo Avenue Olorin Community in Adiyan, Ogun state.

However, having heard the baby’s cries, the children promptly went to inform a woman that a rooster has fallen into the pit, the woman got there and discovered that it wasn’t a rooster but a baby, and alerted people.

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People in the neighbourhood then made efforts to rescue the baby boy and report the incident to Agbado police station.

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Policemen from the police station visited the scene.

A welder who was also present cut the iron bars covering the soakaway and the baby boy was brought out.

The baby boy was believed to be a day old due to the appearance of his belly and was taken to the Oke Aro Medical Healthcare Center for treatments.

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