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SH0CKING! The person recording this video should be arrested, See what a Nigeria guy is doing to this lady.


A video of a Nigerian man pummeling his wife has gone viral on social media, eliciting outrage from people all around the world. @LanreAduke shared a video of the man tugging his partner’s hair and kicking her in the face. Despite her calls for assistance, no one came to her rescue; instead, someone videotaped her cries while others stood by and watched.

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The general populace is angered and demands that the perpetrator be held accountable for his acts. On Twitter, the man is being sought, with one user offering a reward to anyone who can identify him from the video.

“What occurred precisely here? Anyone who provides me with the information will be compensated financially. This animal must be put down immediately.” As @NextNigeriaPre already stated.

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“This is atrocious evil, and it is being observed by witnesses and recorders. None of the authorities are attempting to apprehend the subject.” As @Loylforever already stated.

“He even yanked her hair out. It sounds as though the discomfort is excruciating. Is there a certain kind of love that binds individuals in this type of relationship? This is utterly out of place.” A Twitter user named Ani Berny sent a tweet.

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