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PDP CRISIS: Injustice Against Wike Dangerous, Ortom Warns


Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom yesterday called on the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) to quickly resolve the injustice against his Rivers State counterpart, Nyesom Wike, as failure to do so would be detrimental to the party.

Ortom made the call during PDP stakeholders at the Government House in Markurdi, the state capital, adding that it’s dangerous for the party to think it can dismiss Wike with the wave of the hand.

He blamed the leadership of the party for the mismanagement of the presidential convention and non-resolution of the primary crisis.

According to him, Wike had suffered injustice in the party, insisting that the injustice should be addressed.

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Ortom said: “The idea of dismissing people in politics that they do not matter is dangerous, because a single vote counts in politics.

“Injustice has been meted to Gov. Nyesom Wike of Rivers and it must be addressed. Justice must be served him.

“Wike stood and supported the party and he should be given due attention.”

Ortom said the leadership of the party has failed to deploy its internal mechanism and conflict management skills in handling the crisis.

He added: “There is injustice that has been meted to my friend Wike because he stood for the party and supported it to the end.

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“The leadership of the party should do the needful to resolve the problem and not to shove people around as though they are not relevant. Everyone is relevant and one vote can make you fail election.

“So, the leadership at the national level should do more. Politics is interest and what is the interest of out state and our people. What do I tell my people in Benue?”

Ortom cautioned the party against relegating any member, saying:

“If you dismiss us that you don’t need us, I believe that will be dangerous. I want the party to address the injustices so that as we move into election, we will work together and we will have no crisis.”

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The governor said the stakeholders’ meeting was organized to discuss the formation of the campaign council.

Ortom, who noted that the All Progressives Congress (APC) had been demarketed in Benue, pointed out that PDP has 26 of 30 House of Assembly.

He urged PDP members to keep faith with the party to win victory.

Ortom appealed to aggrieved members to sheathe their swords, He said: “PDP in Benue is united. All blackmail should cease in the state. Crisis not in Benue but at the national level.”

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