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Alex Otti is a stickler for quality. His life is guided by one dictum- the principle that has guided all great men and women from time immemorial- the best or nothing. Otti does not believe in half measures or haphazard attention to issues; it is either 100% or zero- no grounds for failure.

This exact attitude and disposition is what Dr Otti would be bringing to bear on governance in Abia State when elected on March 2nd this year. This would be most evident in the construction and rehabilitation of urban and rural roads to boost economic activities at all levels.

Is it not shameful that despite all the noise the Ikpeazu administration has made in the area of road construction since 2015, only 79.8 kilometres of road have been rehabilitated or resurfaced across the state? Most painfully- several of these roads are already going bad- less than 18 months after fanciful commissioning.

Dr Otti is not coming to fleece Abia people, he is not coming for self-enrichment. As he has said severally- he has already been blessed by God and does not need Abia’s resources to earn the first million naira on his personal savings account.

Otti would not be driven by the greedy quest to build a house at home and abroad; the need for it doesn’t exist.

He would not become an emergency tourist, flying from one country to another in the name of searching for investors, because he understands and has repeatedly stated that “charity begins at home”. Thus he would dedicate his energy and Abia resources in building the state the way it would catch the attention of potential investors.

Dr Otti would not need to inflate the price of road construction neither would you see him go behind to ask for kickback from a contractor. He would make sure that contractors are paid as at when due and that quality is never compromised for any reason.

Dr Otti would build the best roads in Nigeria here. He would make sure roads built in Abia under his watch would last a very reasonable length of time.

Importantly- every road contract would come with a rehabilitation clause which would mandate contractors to maintain the roads built by them for a specific number of years.

There would also be consistent monitoring for quality assurances on all road construction projects by the state ministry of works and very competent external consultants who cannot readily be compromised.
He would also personally inspect the projects to ensue that execution meets design.

He would not send out those working at cross purposes with his administration to go inspect road projects and write him tones of reports.

In building Abia roads- Dr Otti would pay attention to roads with real economic and social significance to the state. He would build roads that pass through the markets, schools, agricultural communities and commercial centres. He would have no interest in undertaking impressionistic road projects.

Abia will experience rapid growth in infrastructural development with Alex Otti as our governor. Come out today and show him your support at his campaign rallies, talk to someone about him and on the 2nd of next months- please mobilise people and come out in your large numbers and vote APGA.

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