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It may not sound politically correct but rationally expedient to critically present the true standing of PDP in Abia State.



The saying that “it’s only a mad man that does things same way and expects different results ” is true.

The above adage is the fate of Abia State PDP.

May we at this juncture thank our dear Governor ; the leader of PDP in Abia State for defining the modus operandi of the PDP Congress meant to fulfill our Party constitution of electing new PDP Executive at the expiration of the present PDP Executive Tenure.


If his Excellency, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, hadn’t spelt out the guidelines, I wonder the basis this presentation would have premised on.


Our dear Governor gave this template as the guidelines that should be meticulously adhered to, so as to achieve a popular Congress that shall harness the strength of our Party and fortify us for the battle ahead.




A. Firstly, he explained that the present Exco shall be returned where deemed necessary. If this is not possible, the caucus shall go for consensus candidates. Where the two options fails, there should be be a full CONGRESS.

B. That 75% of Stakeholders in there Wards and LGA’s must consent to the list of emerged Party Executives.

C. That every Stakeholder shall concentrate in his Wards and Local Government irrespective of his office or position of appointment.

D. That LGA’S PDP chairmen shall convene the caucus meetings at their respective Local Government Areas for the conduct of the Congress etc.



I feel glad to report that the CONGRESS held and produced popular and generally accepted results. These results emerged with zero Petitions rendered the need for the functions of the CONGRESS appeal panel as unnecessary.



It is unfortunate, that our experience is not palatable.

We followed due process ‘en tandem with the defined guidelines and in pursuant to the provisions and stipulated guidelines of our PDP CONSTITUTION.


The CONGRESS as we earlier stated above in all fairness produced popular results and the emerged new PDP functionaries commenced work immediately.


To our surprise, two (2) months after , results purportedly signed by Col. Austin Akobundu Rtd. Bore differences from the original popularly accepted results .


It’s quite disheartening that the alterations of the results affected virtually the seventeen (17) Local Government areas of Abia State and her corresponding Wards.




May we, as a matter of concern, with the spirit of absolute loyalty to our dear PDP, state that these huge carelessness and avoidable mistakes have threatened to destroy our People’s Democratic Party PDP in Abia State.


Not less than two (2) Local Government Chapters of our PDP are now in court to seek redress. This is a misnomer that has never happened before in our State Chapter of PDP.


We also wish to mention that there are agitations and misgivings in not less than fifteen (15) LGAs and a looming disaster waiting to happen in our dear PDP.


We must note with nostalgia the incidences of Zamfara and River States APC unforeseen disaster that denied them participation during the last election. .


Our members have started drifting to other political parties due to the CONGRESS problems.




It is commonly said “it’s always necessary to strike when the iron is still hot”


Be it as it may, our lackluster attitude is not helping matters even though many of those who could assist in calming down tensed nerves have either attributed the lackadaisical reaction of our PDP to the pressure of COVID19 PANDEMIC and the health of our numero uno whom by the grace of God almighty has resumed duty. We thank God almighty for His benevolence.


Even though there may be half believe the challenges stated above frustrated their reaction to the PDP MATTERS OF URGENT IMPORTANCE, it is pertinent to State unequivocally that they used same opportunity to perpetuate their heinous act.


We should look into this matter seriously.




Progressive PDP Members in Abia State 

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