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Ikpeazu’s Govt Is The Worst Administration Since 1999 – Omerekpe Gives Details, Endorses Otti | READ FULL


Another prominent chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party in Abia State Chief Ncheta Omerekpe, has described the administration of Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu as the worst in Abia State since 1999. Omerekpe stated this in a press release signed by him and made available to ALL FACTS NEWSPAPER.


In the press release, Omerekpe urged Abians to do everything possible to resist the attempt by the people he called gang of looters to impose another partner in their gang on the state.


Omerekpe finally endorsed the Abia State Labour Party Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Alex Otti OFR, describing him as the best for the job.





Press Release:


I, Ncheta Omerekpe, (Offor ndi Igbo)thanks Abians who came out peacefully to cast their votes in the last presidential and National Assembly Elections last week. I appreciate your tenacity and I am also grateful to Abians who adhered to my appeal by voting for the three senatorial candidates. This shows that the clueless and failed government of Dr. Okezie Ikepazu is evident for all to see. However, we should not be distracted towards making sure that Abians come out in mass on Saturday, 11th of March to put a final stop to the looting of Abia State treasury by voting out PDP completely in Abia State.


It is no longer history in Abia State and beyond that few families and their cohorts seized the State and have been trading with the common wealth of the State, which resulted to emergence of the worst administration of Dr. Okezie Ikepazu since 1999. Abians should be aware that these gang of looters are doing everything humanly possible to install another individual who will defend their course.


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I appeal to Abians to do anything possible within the law to see that these failed politicians do not succeed. As we go the polls on Saturday, 11th of March, Abians should remember that


  1. This administration failed the civil servants by not paying their salaries and their pensions, resulting to the death of many civil servants and pensioners.


  1. This government and their cohorts failed to provide any quality infrastructure notwithstanding the huge revenue and federal government allocations they have received over the last seven years. For instance, there is no active construction site anywhere in Abia State as we speak.


  1. Ukwa East and Ukwa West who happens to be the sole reason Abia State is part of the oil producing states and have enjoyed the 13% derivation fund from the federal government have not seen any light of development. Funds that were meant to be used in developing the Ukwa area into the new Dubai was squandered by the government of Dr. Okezie Ikepazu.


  1. This heartless government of Dr. Okezie Ikepazu have squandered hundreds of billions of local government funds, the ecological funds, world bank funds, Africa Development funds and all the world intervention funds that has accrued to Abia State.


  1. This administration budgeted for Abia Airport, Enyimba Economic City and even received counterpart funding from the federal government and yet, all these projects turned out to be a monumental fraud.


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Our Neighboring states and beyond see Abia State as a cursed State, hence, we must rewrite the history books and vote these people out on the 11th of March of 2023. These gang of looters are pushing the Ngwa sentiment, thereby setting our Ngwa brothers against our brothers in Abia North and Ukwa. Any Ngwa youth, man or woman knows clearly that our Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu have not done anything for us. For instance, in Isiala Ngwa North, where we had a commissioner of works, who hails from Nsulu and was not able to build one single infrastructure. So, the Ngwa sentiment is just an imagination of these heartless individuals to continue with their looting. Don’t forget the word of God, which is a lamp unto our feet and says “ He that covers his sin shall not prosper” (Proverbs 28:13)


I, Ncheta Omerekpe, know this group of looters who wants to force a character on Abians as their next Governor, God forbid! These are Individuals that have not been able to achieve in their individual endeavors.



I, Ncheta Omerekpe and Ncheta Omerekpe Foundation have taken a closer look on the other candidates in the forthcoming Gubernatorial election and we have found one candidate who’s name stands tall, he has not involved himself in any state government contracts, no history of looting Abia State Treasury, this person has an impeccable record of success in his past personal endeavors, he has a national and international contacts that will help to alleviate the poor state of Abia and He is not hungry. The name is Dr. Alex Chioma Oti.


In summary, anybody who has been in Abia State since 1999 will know that this State has suffered serious setbacks and these set of looters who are coming through the PDP will bring more misery and hardship to Abians if elected. I appeal to Abians Not to vote for PDP.


I implore all the coordinators of Ncheta Omerekpe Foundation, all our supporters and all polling boot coordinators to vote and work for the emergence of Dr. Alex Chioma Oti as the next Governor of Abia State. “ Jeremiah 29:5-14”


God bless Abians as we vote peacefully and protect our votes.

Vote  for Dr. Alex Chioma Oti – Labour Party.


Ncheta Omerekpe

Offor ndi Igbo.

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