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How Police Robbed Couple of ₦20,000 in Lagos | WATCH VIDEO


How Police Robbed Couple of ₦20,000 in Lagos | WATCH VIDEO

Constance Aji (not real name) and her boyfriend were driving through the Ajah area of Lagos State when policemen stopped them.

The police asked why they were driving a vehicle without number plates, and the couple said it was a new vehicle and they were delivering it along with documents for change of ownership to its new owner.

Despite proving this, the police did not let them go but insisted they part with ₦250,000.

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Telling her story to THE PRESS, Constance said the policemen gained entry to their vehicle and threatened to take them to the Ajiwe police station, where they would waste their time.

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“They were lurking around the Ajiwe area, and when they saw us, they just pounced,” Constance told THE PRESS. “They weren’t in a marked vehicle. What they used was a keke napep.




“We showed them the documents and asked to be set free, but they insisted on collecting ₦250,000 from us or they would waste our time in the station.”

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She provided THE PRESS with video evidence of the police questioning her boyfriend for having a girlfriend with tattoos.

After threatening action for a while, the police dropped their demand to ₦20,000. Constance said they forced her and her partner to drive to a PoS merchant close to the station and make a transfer, and that one of the policemen collected the cash from the merchant himself.

On Saturday, THE PRESS sent a Whatsapp message to Adolf Ugwu, DPO of the Ajah Police Division. He called us after to express interest in meeting the victims and probing the matter.

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Ugwu said he believed the men could have been from one of the three police divisions in the Ajah area, but Constance maintained she and her boyfriend were taken to the Ajiwe station on Ugwu’s watch.

The DPO asked that the victims visit his office on Monday, identify the culprits and get their money back.


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