Gov. Umahi of Ebonyi State Has Created The Most Desirable Environment for investment in Nigeria

One may mistake the short video clips here for cities like Dubai in the UAE, Shanghai in China, Rome in Italy, Rio de Jenerio in Brazil, Miami in Florida or any other city in their class. But the video clips are some sections of a city in Nigeria, Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi state and its environs. The city that has been radically and magically transformed in the last five years and is now ranked as, unarguably the fastest developed city in Nigeria and amongst the fastest in the surface of the earth.

That may sound funny for most Nigerians, but it is the truth about what a very committed, determined, focused, visionary and most gifted technocrat in his class, the Governor of Ebonyi state, Engr Dave Nweze Umahi, is doing in what was, hitherto, the dirtiest, poorest and most backward state of the south east of Nigeria. The state is still the poorest in terms of federal allocation receipts with an IGR, smaller than most LGAs in the oil producing states. It is unbelievable indeed.

The difference is that every dime or Kobo that come in, including the one described or comes in as “Security Vote”, are deployed to serve the people. This sacrifice by Gov. Umahi has taken the state to new heights in visible terms of physical development in Nigeria. The largest number of both developed projects and construction sites today, are in Ebonyi state.

The unending story of Ebonyi state is not only that the state is leading in most fronts like roads infrastructure, which has seen uncountable number of flyovers, more than in every other state, except Lagos, spring up across the state in the last five years. Other important sectors like, education, healthcare delivery, agriculture/farming, salaries/pensions, human capital development etc, are not left out, but receiving equal attention from the state government.

It has remained a big shock to the indigents of the state, most of who confess today that they miss their way navigating around the state capital due to the numerous flyovers and new network of roads, same with south easterners, members of the opposition, the media and other close watchers, how Governor Umahi is able to achieve all these in just five years of coming to power. This is given the fact that the state is the poorest in the south east and 33rd on the list of 36 states in the monthly federal allocation.

Check list; the biggest and most modern market, shopping mall, ecumenical centre, government house, auditorium, conference centre, secretariat, paved roads network, flyovers and most decorated, functionally powered/beautiful capital city in Nigeria today, are all in Ebonyi state. It is important to also state that an international passenger/cargo airport will be effectively operational in the next two years.

The numerous, previously unbelievable, things Gov Umahi has been able to do or achieve in Ebonyi state, will pass the scrutiny of the worst cynics, antagonists and most critical minds there are. His financial prudence or skillful management of the little available resources, lack of godfathers to service, denial of self aggrandizement, shun of frivolities, zero tolerance to corrupt practices, above all, divinity and the fear of God are his guiding principles. The result is an unprecedented success story and legacies that will last the end of time.

There’s no better place to invest for the future, own a property or spend leisure time in the south east today than Abakaliki, the Ebonyi state capital.

My take.
D. A.
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