FINALLY EXPOSED: SATOA was behind the vandalization of TIMASS vehicles |EXPLOSIVE

The Umuahia chapter chairman of ATRIWA Hon Chisom John today debunked the news Making headlines that it’s members during a face-off with TIMASS vandalized vehicles belonging to TIMASS at isigate

The Deputy General Manager of TIMASS smart Uwakwe had through a press release issued yesterday alleged that Tricycle operators under the umbrella ATRIWA attacked thier men, destroyed thier vehicle and cart away valuables

In the press release made available to AFNEWS Smart Uwakwe on behalf of the General Manager said the incidence happened at isigate Umuahia , According to him his men while on duty apprehended a tricycle rider who violated government traffic directive by plying a single lane (One way), as a result of that violation he was issued a government ticket as penalty for the offense.

SATOA Keke's at the venue of the incident
SATOA Keke’s at the venue of the incident

He also alleged to have received calls from Mr Chinomso the umuahia chapter Chairman of ATRIWA and Barr Moses Ogbonna who is the state Chairman asking for the release of the offender but I told them “the case is already above my jurisdiction. I cannot interfere anymore since he has already been issued with a ticket , releasing him will mean altering the ticket which I cannot do ”

“The pressure was too much on me that morning to alter the ticket which the Agency has issued already but there was no way I could do that , how will I pay for the mistake of another”

This according to him resulted to ATRIWA executive and thier members going to isigate to take TIMASS men hostage with a decision that they are not going to release them except the traffic violator is released which made him to drive down to isigate to engage them

After a long argument We decided to take our leave to avoid more attack but on getting to my car , they have removed the 4tyres of my car and the two other vehicles my men were working, we ignored them and started searching for a vulcanizer to fix the cars, We came back and saw the three vehicles in ruins, it was shattered and valuables items like batteries, spare Tyres , Jack’s and doors of the operational vehicles were removed

But in another twist to the story , Hon Chisom John the leader of Umuahia North Legislative Council and state Chairman of ATRIWA said the story is concorted, malicious and far from the truth as their members did not at anytime attacked TIMASS officials or their vehicle,but the people responsible for the attacked were members of SATOA whose member too was arrested and under harassment by TIMASS officials for a related case too

Hon Chisom John while dismissing the story agread that a member of ATRIWA disobey traffic rules but TIMASS was asking for #50,000 , he had called them including the state Chairman of ATRIWA to plead with them to collect #10,000 which the Keke operator had raised but official of TIMASS said the last they can collect is #40,000 and He even threatened to increase the fine to #75,000 if we ever call him again concerning the issue

Hon Chisom John equally confirmed hearing of the said attacked on TIMASS vehicle ” I immediately called my vice because I was busy at the border and my vice informed me that it was not ATRIWA members that were having issues with TIMASS rather another Keke union called SATOA . TIMASS had impounded another Keke whose operator is a SATOA member and SATOA members are simply using the destruction of those vehicle as means of reacting against the impoundment of the vehicle ”

Hon Chisom John said he was shuddered later to read the news headlines accusing thier members of being behind the attack , worst of it was that the unfounded allegation was coming from Mr Smart Uwakwe who knew very well that ATRIWA had used peaceful means to secure the release of the tricycle belonging thier member. ” I want all Abians and government to remember that there are two major Keke unions in Abia state :SATOA and ATRIWA with each of this unions having identifiable means and colour”

Whereas SATOA is Green and brown , ATRIWA is white and Green ,those with pictures of the said incidence should revissit it to confirm that it was SATOA members that had carried out the attack , even the vice Chairman of ATRIWA was with Mr Smart Uwakwe while he was searching for a vulcanizer

Except for the purpose of blackmail, Hon Chisom John said Mr Smart Uwakwe has no other benefit to gain by pointing an accused finger at ATRIWA when he knew very well that it was ASATOA members that did it , Hon Chisom John claimed that even the Keke belonging to his vice chairman was also destroyed while he was busy searching for vulcanizer for Mr Smart Uwakwe and this unfounded allegation is not the best way to appreciate him for standing with him

He advised TIMASS to do the needful by going after SATOA whose members who carried out the attack ” what we expect is an unreserved apology for this misfiring though we are not holding it against you since you were a victim of a mob action. The security agencies and government should investigate properly this matter to fish out the hoodlums behind this unruly act and speedily bring them to Justice, Government should also look into these outrageous fines imposed on poor Keke operators especially in umuahia because the tricycle operators are suffering daily to earm a livelihood ”

Hon Chisom John concluded by sympathizing with Mr Smart Uwakwe for the attack he received at isigate but said Keke riders under the aigies ATRIWA are not men who take laws into thier hands otherwise we would not have been calling repeatedly to plead for the release of the tricycle belonging to one of our members, therefore it is a gross error to tag us with the attack on TIMASS vehicle

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