FIFA: How Football clubs lost $14.4 billion to COVID-19 | READ DETAILS

FIFA in a recent analysis conducted revealed that football clubs have lost $14.4bn (£11.1bn) during the coronavirus crisis.

The body also revealed that 150 of its 211 member associations have applied for emergency COVID-19 grants.

Olli Rehn, the chairman of the FIFA Covid-19 Relief Plan Steering Committee said the number covers the football economy in its entirety. He also said the number is an estimate of losses in its 211 association.

It has created plenty of turmoil at different levels with some professional clubs facing very serious difficulties.

Rehn said that while Europe was hit hardest in terms of absolute cost, it was the associations outside Europe that have suffered more.

Rehn also said that the loss cannot be mitigated by FIFA alone.

“The loss under any scenario was too great for Fifa to mitigate alone. We are working very intensively with confederations to improve the situation.”

Fifa has announced during the summer that members are entitled to a $1.5 billion programme grant and loan.

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