EULOGY[Rear Admiral (retired) Ndubuisi Godwin Kanu]: Admiralty

A great loss indeed. He was everything to lkwu-Ato in particular, Old Imo state & Nigeria in general.
We may not have known home as much as we do today or even known each other the much we do, if our big brother & hero had not built the only road & link, Ndubuisi Kanu road, when he did.

He was a mentor, the bridge between the old & new, with friendships that transcended or cut across boundaries, religion & tribe. The first from outside the west to lead the pro democracy group, NADECO.

He was humble, very knowledgeable & lived a selfless life of quieten mystery in a world filled with loud celebrities. A detribalised Nigerian, lover of the lgbo nation/unity & a consummate gentleman.

Though death is a necessary & inevitable end, he was the last we expected to pass on at this time when we needed him most.

He was there with us, at home, in early December, 2020, his usual self, but today he is gone for God knows what or why.

Thank God for ndi lsuikwuato who left no stone unturned, at every available opportunity, deservedly, honouring & celebrating Admiral Kanu while he lived.

Even those who were neither there, during his days in power, nor had met him personally, knew there was an Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu. So shall it be till the end of time!

I proudly say, Our jewel of inestimable value, Good night sir.

Dave Agwalla

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