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One of the most interesting periods in human history is described as renaissance. A period characterized by awareness and great exposure. A period of great enlightenment and a complete turnaround from the past. If you ask me anyways, I would say it’s a period where Nsit Atai discovered EMEM IBANGA, the incumbent Council  Chairman and a period of rebirth in the Leadership of the area, then I get away with it. 


A renaissance woman may not be celebrated by all but does the greater things. She may not be carried shoulder-high, but she has championed the course of a purposeful leadership. A renaissance is a complete departure from egoistic leadership and barbaric administration which demeaned humanism. Now, a period where women, youths and Men are given their rightful place in Nsit Atai project described a famous term “Renaissance”.  Howbeit, you won’t be wrong if you say it’s a period of great awakening as many wish they had performed more than the current administration,  thereby resorting to play an inconsequential role of a devil’s advocate.


A renaissance woman acquired profound knowledge or proficiency in more than one field, and that is Hon.Emem Ibanga we know, highly versatile and cerebral. Next time you think of a renaissance woman, the Executive Chairman of Nsit Atai LGA,  Hon.Emem Ibanga is on the springboard, ready to serve as a good example. 


Trust me, a renaissance woman is she whose policies are people’s centric, and Ibanga Emem belongs here without sounding immodest. A renaissance woman think differently and takes  a wise decision to build the walls of the council Secretariat complex she met broken many years ago, Emem Ibanga did just that, though I am surprised she did this within a short period in office.


What do you really want to hear about a renaissance woman, Hon.Ibanga? Then I would say she is the beginning of a new dawn and a complete breakaway from the past which was nasty indeed. 


Succinctly, an aphorism rightly opined ” What a Man can do, a woman can do better” this is reserved only for the brave, and used to describe the heroine  nature of renaissance women, a rare class she belong. She believes in impacts not titles, little wonder she jettisoned titles for a resourceful leadership in Nsit Atai LGA. The renaissance thoughts makes Nsit Atai  outstanding in the comity of other LGAs. We need more of these lofty thoughts in the second coming of a renaissance woman.

 Greater Nsit Atai!

 Truly, yak Emem Aba!! 



Culled from Nsit Atai dailyreview by Pius ‘Udo’ Etim from Nsit Atai LGA.

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