Denrele Edun attributes self-confidence to being different

TV show host Denrele Edun has attributed his self-confidence to being different in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

Denrele made this known in an Instagram live show, Bouquisplace, saying “My kind of difference is self-expression, I am an advocate of self-expression, I am an advocate for individuality, and expressing your individuality and owning it hashtag own thy truth, hashtag own thy originality. I am also an advocate for believing that being different is not only the best revenge ever it is the greatest self-confidence booster and when you look into the mirror you say yes I did it, you own it and if you own it, you own your difference, your uniqueness, your authenticity, you own yourself definition. I always tell people that you see the beauty to brand values, number 1 self-definition, authenticity, accountability, longevity, and constituency.”

Continuing, he said, “I’ve been gaming since 1994 and people will say all kinds like it is my enemies dead carrier, but guess what not everything I do end up on social media, 90 percent of my life doesn’t make it up on social media but let me not digress and then last on the list is relatability. I am a Nigerian and I will speak my Nigerian English anywhere I go with my proud Nigerian accent.

I have traveled far and wide and to wherever I go if you cannot comprehend what I am saying I am not going to switch to your own lingua you must get me and get me nicely and I think that is why my brand has been very relatable and I appeal to every demographic, young people know me, teenagers know me, adolescent know me even old people and that is why I get all kinds of gigs and I work with all kinds of clients, I have worked with every single brand and I think it is very expansive for me because I know I am not only appealing to a certain crowd or certain audience but I appeal to tactically everyone and we are getting to a point in life called generation Z and I think a lot of them look up to people like us for guardian like parents call me now and say my daughter wants to do this, my son wants to do this but we are not sure how to kickstart this what can you do and so it might shock you but it might come across strange to people, I am not going to use the word role model because that is quite heavy I will use advocate.

I go to schools to motivate young people and I have a lot of parents calling me back to back because I used to be a teacher and I understand how to communicate with young people especially students and I know how to drag them out of their shell because I believe everybody is gifted but some people never open their packages”

Denrele is popular for not conforming to the norms of fashion and style. He made a name for himself as a non-conformist on TV and has won over 15 awards.


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