Bobrisky attacked Other Crossdressers and Intending Ones, See what he said

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One Nigerian cross dresser/transgender, Buchi Alexandra has got Bobrisky very angry.
Ordinarily Bob does not respond to trolls, but the cross dresser had to respond to what she deemed insult.

Buchi in a recorded video had told Bobrisky to stop putting other crossdressers and Transgenders in bad light.

Angered by his comment, Bobrisky went into his DM to reveal how Buchi who just slammed him, had called him an inspiration and even begged for him to support him to win an international transgender competition.

Buchi in the DM also disclosed is undying love for Bobrisky, saying if not for Bob’s boldness he would have remained in the background.

So Bob brought out the DM and posted Buchi’s message to him, which he did not respond to then, but now, he has a response after the slamming from Buchi; he said none of the other transgenders would ever be noticed until he retires.

See the posts;

”Hey baby !!!!! I noticed you have been in my dm begging me to get noticed but sad I guess have got too much messages and too busy to read dm. Going around to clout chase with my name to get noticed is bad thou… you should have waited till d day I will noticed you maybe then I can help u and make you a multimillionaire instead of a clout chasing like a shemale pig . Well I bob still remain everyone MUMMY. I repeat non of you will get noticed till I retire bye bitch

My last response on dis”

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