All You Need To Know About Computer Vision Syndrome

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All You Need To Know About Computer Vision Syndrome

You may not be familiar with Computer Vision Syndrome, but in this age where we are all prone to working on our computers and phones, it’s becoming an issue.


Computer vision syndrome(CVS) is a series of eye strain and conditions that result from focusing the eyes on a computer or other devices for an extended period without interruption; this results in straining of the eyes muscle due to lack of adequate sleep or rest of the muscles.


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We all would agree that when we are on our computer or other display devices, we tend not to blink our eyes that much, and we are constantly exposed to bright light from the computer and other mobile devices, and this causes strain to build up in the eyes which results to CVS. Although any and everyone is prone to CVS, people who already have one or two eye defects and use glasses are more prone to CVS.


Symptoms of CVS include;

  • Headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Double vision
  • Dry red eyes
  • Eyes irritation
  • Neck or back pain


How can CVS be prevented?

1 Reducing brightness: Reducing the brightness of your computer’s screen or devices is one way of preventing CVS. Go for a dimmer light instead of a bright light and shield your computer from glare. But note, do not go for a very dim light in which you equally have to strain your eyes.


2 Positioning: The recommended screen positioning is a distance of 35–40 inches from the eyes and displays unit, where the centre of the screen should be placed 5–6 inches below eye level.


3 Taking frequent breaks: Instead of focusing on your computer or other devices for hours, take constant breaks. At least take a break of a few minutes every hour or half an hour, focus your eyes on a distant object, preferably 20 feet farther away from you, for a few seconds(20 seconds) or close your eyes for a few minutes and rest your back, this way you would be reducing the strain on your eyes and your neck.


4 Constant blinking: Let this become a part of you; while working on your computer, make it a rule to blink constantly; this way, you would reduce the build-up of a strain on your eyes.


5 Visit your ophthalmologist: As someone who is exposed to the computer and other devices constantly, then visiting your ophthalmologist should be what you enjoy doing. Why? So your doctor could detect the early build-up of strain in your eyes.


6 Get computer glasses: Yes, there are a lot of glasses out there that help to prevent CVS, and they come in different types, so you will indeed find one that suits you.

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