ABIA 2023: Onyekwere Akyme Uche (O.A.U): Exemplary Youth, Networker, Technocrat ..

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Ready To Serve Onyekwere Akyme Uche (O.A.U): Exemplary youth, networker, technocrat, problem solver, scholar and man of the world, offers Abia State a chance to live again.


Amechi Onwubuemeli.


The coming governorship election in Abia State is very important, and the reasons are not far to seek. As a matter of fact, a lot depends on this upcoming election and who eventually emerges as the Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) of our dear God’s Own State. Clearly, this election is about our lives and livelihoods; it is also about our future and our wellbeing. In some quarters, there are even those with the opinion that our reputation and honor as a people, are also dependent on this all-important election. The fact therefore, is that there is a lot at stake, a lot more than some of us probably realize as we prepare to elect the governor next year.


Onyekwere Akyme Uche (O.A.U)
Onyekwere Akyme Uche (O.A.U)

As a people, we are faced today, with a myriad of problems arising from poor leadership. And everyone knows that leadership is the catalyst for either success or failure, whether in politics, business, sports, public relations, religion, publishing and any other human endeavor for that matter. That is why the condition and quality of any system is all about vision and good management; after all, leadership is everything. Unfortunately, we are still grappling with basic leadership challenges after over two decades of uninterrupted representative government.



So, like Nigeria, Abia State is also broken, and it is our responsibility as concerned citizens, to fix our state now before it is too late. Therefore, this election provides a unique opportunity to tackle our problems, heal our state and change our fortune and our narrative for good, and forever.



However, the good news is that our challenges are not insurmountable. All we need now more than ever, is good leadership, driven by knowledge, vision and courage. That is the only way to drive economic growth in Abia and prepare the state for greater heights and genuine happiness for our people.



But in the midst of this chaos, hopelessness and prevailing leadership deficit, one man comes to mind. He is Onyekwere Akym Uche, an inter-generational leader and strategist who is offering us another opportunity to live our dreams; and this candidate of choice stands out in many ways. Onyekwere is not only passionate about serving Abians, he also understands and has what it takes to connect power with purpose, especially at a time like this. As a firm believer in a new Abia, our candidate is already working round the clock, building networks and accessing like-minded persons and teams around the world with the mandate of his party, Action Alliance, AA.


As we prepare to usher in this new Abia State that is already within a touching distance, I wish to thank our people for rejecting identity politics. We must continue to support traditional broad-based party politics that works for everybody irrespective of local government area, ethnicity or zone. We must say no to so-called big parties and their patrons who work only for themselves, their friends and families. As you already know, in our great party, Action Alliance, we are for everyone regardless of age, social status, religion or gender. Our party is for the young, the old, the physically challenged and the voiceless among us who had to bear the brunt of poor and irresponsible leadership that characterized our politics over the years.


At a time like this, we remember our glorious years in the old Imo State under Sam Mbakwe, the transformer and the uncommon governor who touched us in different ways. That Second Republic era that we cherish and remember with nostalgia, is still possible if we unite towards this common course of liberating our fatherland.


In his honor, O.A.U is promising to re-enact those good and unforgettable old days of progress, self-sufficiency, even-development, inclusion, scholarship and human capital development, sports, commerce, industry and exploits in the fields of agriculture and medicine.


Incidentally, O.A.U is coming into this political contest from a position of strength. He is not only going to leverage his rich experience as a global citizen, his robust manifesto and enviable work plan will also speak for him. As a candidate on the global stage, he fully appreciates what can become of a people that pay attention to technology and human capital. Again, as a well-educated and widely traveled youth, he understands the energy of youth and how that can positively affect the creative industry and also address unemployment. Young people who look up to him today know that he has everything it takes to re-align and revolutionize public infrastructure, science and technology, entertainment, tourism, youth development, commerce, power and many things in other sectors that create opportunities, can engage people, empower them and give them a sense of pride.


But are we prepared for this great moment that promises to change our story forever?


To be part of this great change, every adult, male or female, of voting age must register. It is only when we register and obtain our voter’s card that we can be eligible to vote. Again, we must go a step further by sharing the good news, which is the gospel according to Action Alliance (AA) and its standard bearer, the man of the moment.


We cannot do the same thing every election season and expect a different result. So, we must speak to members of our families, our friends and neighbors about this candidate of hope. When we do this, we do not only do it for ourselves but also for posterity and the coming generation.


At the risk of sounding repetitive, I still wish to call on our compatriots, the youth, students, professionals, artisans, market men and women, traders, our teeming unemployed youths and farmers to queue behind Onyekwere Akym Uche (OAU) and effect the much-needed change. We must as a duty, close ranks and join hands for a future that will liberate every one of us from purposeless leadership and stunted growth. The time is now, for whatever we do in life, echoes in eternity.

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