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Abba Moro Commends 9th Senate, Says Zoning Shouldn’t Be The Focal Point


Abba Moro Commends 9th Senate, Says Zoning Shouldn’t Be The Focal Point

Senator Patrick Abba Moro of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, who has retained his seat in the Benue South senatorial election has commended the 9th Senate, pointing out areas he feels should be improved on in the 10th Senate.

Moro, said this while speaking with AFNews correspondent in his office in Abuja. He pointed out the laudable achievements of the 9th Senate and recommends that the 10th senate improves on all the achievements.

He said “The 9th Senate promised to review the budget cycle of the country and promised that it was going to ensure the passage of appropriation bills as at when due . We have been doing that for the past four years. And the numerous other bills that have been passed by this Senate surpasses any other, If I if I may say.

“So, by and by, I think that the Senate has performed fairly well, but I know, from the insiders position, that there are still a lot to be done and that the 9th Senate definitely should have done better. But Nigeria is a working progress.

“I want to believe that as we move on, the 10th Senate should be able to improve on what the 9th Senate has done.

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Moro, recommended specifically that the Electoral Act be looked into for a seamless election cycle. He said “from my experience in the 9th Senate, I think that there’s a lot to be done in the area of constitutional amendment.

“We have gone through an election cycle. And it is obvious that there are certain things that need to be tinkered with in the Electoral Act and improve more with technology in use.

Speaking on the zoning brouhaha, Senator Moro posits that Nigerians should focus more on what becomes of Nigeria as an entity, not where the leaders are coming from, “Because clamoring for zoning, certainly has not taken us anywhere. Today you find Nigerians pandering to ethnic and religious inclinations. And talking about where you come from, rather than where you are taking the country to. What will be better for Nigeria as a country.

“Come to think of it. Look at the roads. Look at our clinics. Nobody is talking about our hospitals anymore. Nobody’s even thinking about it anymore. Nobody’s thinking seriously about our schools anymore. Wherever you go, the foundation of education in Nigeria, that is the primary school, all the structures are dilapidated. There is no conducive environment for teaching and learning.

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“So we must rise up to the occasion because we represent the people and the division into constituencies to produce senators, house of Rep. members was deliberately done to ensure that people specifically know that they have responsibility for specific people and areas

“So, it’s not like a country where the President may sit in the comfort of home and may not be able to know what is happening in Benue state, Middle belt states or Sokoto. No. We the people elected by the people to represent them, ordinarily should know specifically what the challenges of the people we represent are.

“And if you do that, through legislative interventions, we can create a society that is a dream of our people. So, this is where we are at the moment. And that is that we should be improving on.

Reacting to the zoning formula recently released by the ruling party, APC, he said “I don’t think I want to delve into the issue of whether the party was fair or wasn’t fair. So, I think that, like I said,the fragmentation of the Nigerian system or society into various constituencies is to enable constituents to be able to attend to the issue.

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“So, I am sure that if the South East feels very strongly about what has happened, they should be able to talk just like the North Central is talking and complaining about marginalization.

“That brings into question the issue of the national interest. At what point are we going to be talking about where we come from rather than we Nigerians?

“But again, when you see perceived or imaginary marginalization or neglect, you don’t have a choice but to voice out a concern, which is exactly what is happening.

“Here. I think that the APCs party should be able to sit down, through adequate consultations and come up with a distributive formula that will be acceptable to all. So if people are agitated, if people are complaining about marginalization, I think that it is also not too late for the APC to go back to the drawing boards and come up with a workable, implementable blueprint for the rest of us to key into, otherwise, there will be some level of a horse trading and once that happens, you know, that’s a recipe for instability in the 10th senate, he said.

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