10 Reasons You’re Trying To Run From A Good Woman

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We all want to know why men pull away from relationships — why a man runs away from the love of a good woman will always be a question ladies everywhere will want the answer to. Today, we’ll be listing down 10 of the main reasons why guys pull away in relationships and how they can change that mindset. Take note, men!

Why Men Pull Away | 10 Reasons Why Men Run from Relationships

1. You Think You’ll Miss Out on Something

Many men think they’ll miss out on freedom, fun with the boys or other things when a good woman “locks” them down. What they don’t realize is how much they can truly gain from the love of a good woman.

2. You’re Afraid of What Your Boys Will Say

If you’re more worried about what your boys think than what your woman thinks, then you’re not ready for a mature relationship. It’s true that you can’t please everyone but if your relationship starts heading towards marriage, then your woman needs to come first before your boys.

3. You’re Buying into Stereotypes

Some men think all women are gold-diggers who are out to get half of what they have. The problem is, I’ve heard this ideology even come from men who don’t have anything to split in half. A wise man once said, “nothing from nothing leaves nothing!” Every woman out there is not out to divorce you and take your stuff. And if you’re not careful, you can end up keeping yourself from gaining more than you will ever lose.


4. She Requires the Best from You

A great woman will make you better. She’ll encourage and inspire you to be your best, so you can be the man that she doesn’t only need but deserves. Don’t let this scare you off.

5. You Think You Need to Get Yourself Together

You Think You Need To Get Yourself Together | Reasons You're Trying to Run from a Good Woman | why guys pull away in relationships
While you may want to get yourself together before you move forward or you think you have to get some things straight, don’t be afraid to communicate what those things are. Are these things you can work on together? If you’re waiting for the perfect situation, you may be frustrated later to find out that the perfect situation never comes and in the meantime, you’ve let a good woman slip away.

6. You’re Afraid of Rejection

You can’t hit a home run if you never swing your bat. There are beautiful, smart, intelligent women you might have a chance with if only you’d make the first move. Women love a man who isn’t afraid to step up to the plate. So if you’re not doing this already, make sure you start now!

 7. You Haven’t Seen Successful Relationships Around You

Don’t be discouraged by what you see or hear about marriage and relationships. Just because other people are getting divorced doesn’t mean you will too. If divorce concerns you, then make sure you equip yourself as well as possible. Make sure you solidify your relationship by using communication and marital education tools to fight the risk.


8. You Expect Too Much

Are you looking for a video vixen in the bedroom, a CPA to balance the household finances, a supermodel for date night, and Claire Huxtable to raise your kids? If you are, you better ask yourself how you measure up in those same areas. Setting realistic expectations is an important component of every marriage and long-term relationship, so figure out what’s important and get real.

9. You Don’t Want Her to Change You

Yes, there are some people who think they can change you, but change can be a good thing in some cases. You should always be striving to be your best you, especially if marriage and children come into the picture. So, don’t be afraid of change. Embrace it as long as you’re changing for the better.

10. You Think You Already Have It All

You Think You Already Have It All | Reasons You're Trying to Run from a Good Woman | why men pull away after getting close
You may think you already have it all. She’s already doing everything you could ask for, so what difference does a piece of paper make? The paper represents your covenant with God and your wife. It shows her that you are willing to commit to her and that you have no intentions of leaving or not giving your best in the relationship.

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A good woman can be the best thing for you. I understand – sometimes, the pressure of being in a long-term relationship can be intimidating for you. Knowing why men pull away after getting close to you is hard to do. However, there is nothing that can’t be solved by communicating with your partner. Take the time to sit down and talk, rather than just packing up and leaving.

Why do you think men pull away from a relationship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.



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